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VPN Protocols
5 VPN protocols you need to know about (with Infographic)

VPN protocols are an essential part of the initial VPN connection to the server. They negotiate encryption algorithms, connection rules and determine VPN stability and speed. The most popular 5 protocols most likely to be encountered are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, and SSTP. Of course, there are also a few less known ones, but one […]

14 Jul 2019
Best VPN
What Does a VPN Hide?

A VPN is an amazing privacy tool. It protects your online browsing activities and can unblock restricted content. But what exactly does a VPN hide? Can it mask all your browsing history from a router or ISP? A VPN hides most things, but some are not that straightforward. Some exceptions may apply when it comes […]

07 Jul 2019
What does VPN protect you from
What does VPN protect you from

A VPN is a very simple, but powerful service to use and it provides a high level of privacy and personal data protection. Sometimes it is not clear what exactly does VPN protect you from, but here is the answer – VPN service for sure protects your personal data, hides your online activity, but does it protect from hackers, malware or when you use mobile data?

30 Jun 2019
List of VPN Port Numbers
List of VPN Port Numbers that VPN Companies Use (2023 Update)

A VPN port is a virtual point used by a VPN connection to send and receive traffic. When you surf the web using a VPN, your browser sends your web requests and receives the responses (traffic) via a VPN port. This optimizes tunneling and encryption, while also ensuring that your traffic reaches the intended destination. […]

Tejas Nair
23 Jun 2019
VPN Network protected with shield
What Is a VPN and How Does It Work? (Full Guide 2023)

A VPN service is a secure way to browse the internet without any fear that your private information will get exposed. It provides a level of anonymity allowing you to mask your IP address and reach censored content anywhere in the world. Best VPN services implemented the most secure and popular VPN protocols and provide a variety of additional features for a better experience and additional security with the stated no-log policy.

Tim Mocan
09 Jun 2019