NordVPN service review for 2019

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NordVPN quickly stormed the VPN market in recent years earning the trust of their customers and delivering high-value VPN service. Personally, I have been a user of NordVPN for years and can tell that it just got better and better in many aspects. So what’s so awesome about this VPN service?

As stated by NordVPN themselves, the service has a checkmark of all basic features a VPN must-have:

A number of VPN servers and locations: this VPN service has an impressive number of available locations and servers. You can connect to 60 countries and over 5200+ VPN servers and counting!

Supported devices and OS: NordVPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and even routers. I can mention it also has add-ons for Firefox and Chrome browsers – all for user convenience.

Simultaneous connections available: it is allowed to connect 6 devices with the same user account, but there are some limitations – you cannot connect different devices to the same server using the same protocol, however, it is a really minor limitation, since you can choose any server out of 5200+ NordVPN provides.

P2P and Torrenting: most servers support P2P connection and torrenting, which is a really great feature for those who like to share and download stuff.

Logging Policy and jurisdiction: this VPN service clearly states that it does not keep any logs or store personal data, which is a huge plus! NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama which has no data retention laws.

Customer support 24/7 and 30-day money-back guarantee: besides having a quickly accessible live chat at any time of the day there’s also a comprehensive knowledge base full of articles about most topics from policies to how to set up a VPN app. Customer support is knowledgeable and will try everything to solve your problem. I purposely tested the 30-day money-back on the 30th day – and it worked! Customer support tried hard, but in a very friendly way, for me to stay using the service – I felt like I really care.

SmartPlay is the technology created by NordVPN which allows seeing any content on Netflix, Hulu, and BBC. To make sure this technology really works I tested all of these services.

So, how good NordVPN is with streaming services?


Streaming and accessing country-specific content was flawless. For testing how good the video streaming with NordVPN was I specifically searched for the content which was only available in a country I was connected to.

United States: I searched for title “Black Panther”, which was supposed to be only on Netflix USA. I could easily access and stream it HD with my home Wi-Fi.

Other content was also easily accessible in Canada, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands.


The same as Netflix, Hulu video streaming was good and without any lagging.

BBC iPlayer

BBC’s content is allowed to watch only in the UK, and I connected to the best offered UK server to access the content. I had absolutely no issues watching all content, switching between TV series and movies. The video quality was set to the highest available all the time and did not lag with my home Wi-Fi.

NordVPN interface is quite simple – it has a map which is a good visualization in which part of the world you are connecting to and list of countries (and servers) you can connect to. To use it is very easy – you just click on a country or server and it automatically connects in a few seconds. NordVPN apps a variety of settings and advanced features you can also use, though I must say, the indication that you are connected when the app is minimized is not really clear (especially on Windows).

NordVPN has a few advanced features which serve for extra security and personal data protection. So what are they?

CyberSec is one of the best extra features NordVPN has to offer – it is an in-built add-blocker and malware protection – it protects from various phishing websites and random ad popups. As you can see speed testing website with CyberSec turned on does not show any ads:

Speed testing website with CyberSec turned off
Speed testing website with CyberSec turned on

Invisibility on LAN – this is an interesting feature that makes your device invisible to other devices on the same network, for example on public Wi-Fi in a cafe.

Internet kill switch – it is a feature that disconnects your device from the internet completely if the connection with the VPN server is lost in order to protect any IP leak. This advanced feature is common between best VPN service providers and NordVPN sure is one.

App kill switch – like Internet kill switch it kills the selected apps on your computer. I tried selecting a torrent app and it closed as soon as I disconnected from the VPN server. It’s a good feature that serves as an extra security layer.

It is natural that the internet speed using VPN slows down a bit, but with NordVPN it is barely noticeable. I did some tests and here are the results:

Internet download speed:
    In the local area with no VPN: 66.4 MB/s
    In the local area with a best VPN server: 56.7 MB/s
    Ping: 4.4 ms

    That is only 14,6 % slower

United States with no VPN: 33.6 MB/s
    United States with a best VPN server: 27.5 MB/s
    Ping: 170 ms

The speeds and connection stability is very good using the office Wi-Fi.

The military grade encryption is one thing this VPN service can offer. It uses OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec VPN connection protocols, which are considered very secure algorithms, as well as AES with a 256-bit key encryption algorithm for securing all your internet traffic data. IKEv2/IPSec is only found on Mac and iOS applications, while Windows and Android apps are using only OpenVPN protocol. Nevertheless, it is still possible to set up NordVPN with IKEv2/IPSec on Android and Windows using some native OS implementations. I have to mention that NordVPN did an external independent audit and fixed all the security flaws which make it, overall, a very secure service.

This service offers many payment methods – iDeal, Credit cards, Amazon Pay, Alipay and for those who really want to stay anonymous – Cryptocurrencies option is available.

Currently, even 4 possible service plans are offered:

3-year plan: 2.62 Eur / month
2-year plan: 3.5 Eur / month

1-year plan: 6.14 Eur / month

1 month plan: 10.50 Eur / month

Honestly, for this VPN service, you can even pay less than for a cup of coffee.

NordVPN is the best overall, all-around choice for a VPN service, it has to offer all there is and more – ad-blocker, internet kill switch, and military-grade encryption. The speed of this service is really good and suitable for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC. The prices are very decent as for such a quality VPN service and would definitely worth trying NordVPN since it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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