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About CyberWaters

We – CyberWaters – are a group of cyber security enthusiasts spreading a word across the internet about best security practices, safety online and data privacy. We review tools and services related to anonymity online as well as provide information on how to protect yourself from malware and viruses.
We do fair and objective reviews using the process and evaluating services or tools which help to protect you online.

How do we review VPN services?

We review VPN service according to a process and here’s a list of criteria we evaluate:

Look up basic VPN service features:

Number of VPN servers and locations
Supported devices and OS
Simultaneous connections available
P2P and torrenting availability
Logging policy and jurisdiction
Customer support and knowledge base (FAQ)
Money back guarantee and Free trials

Additional features:

We evaluate if VPN service has additional features such as kill switch, extra protection from ads or viruses and test how they work.

Streaming service availability:

We test if a VPN unblocks content and is able to stream HD quality on these streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, BBC

Usability on all platforms including mobile devices:

We use all available VPN apps on all platforms to see if it is easy to set up, intuitive to use and has overall a good user experience.

Speed and connection stability

We do online speed test to closest available and US servers to measure download, upload speeds, ping and speed reduction when connecting to VPN server. We do it multiple times to avoid any error spikes and average the result. We use a Speedtest by Ookla

Encryption, security and leaks:

We do IP leak, DNS leak, Web RTC leak tests to make sure no personal information could be leaked while connected to a VPN server. Also, we evaluate VPN protocols and the strength of encryption used when establishing a connection.

Pricing and plans

Finally, we try to determine best value for the price and the plan choices VPN services offer.

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    Share or tell us what you think in the comments!