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Category: Gaming

VPNs are often used by many gamers all around the world for various reasons. First of all, they hide your IP so it makes your gaming experience more secure. What’s more, you can avoid some geographical restrictions to access your desired content. We have exper reviews of the top VPNs in relation to a particular console (like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch) or even selected online games (such as CS:GO or Call of Duty: Warzone). They can be a great help in choosing the right provider for your needs!

Best VPN
Port Forwarding for Gaming Made Easy (Full Guide)

Key Takeaways Looking for a VPN for Gaming? Without getting too technical, port forwarding creates a direct line of communication between two or more devices. In this case, your gaming console, mobile device, or PC – and different devices on the Internet. Using port forwarding for gaming allows you to connect with other players, host […]

Richard Ernszt
26 Feb 2023
packet loss in gaming
What is Packet Loss in Gaming and How to Fix It?

If you are a gamer, you know that there’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing a lag or delay while playing your favorite game. Packet loss is one of the most common issues that competitive gamers face while playing games, and it can seriously affect your gaming experience.  In this article, we will explore packet loss […]

Alex Zlatanovic
23 Dec 2022
Best VPN protocol for gaming
Best VPN Protocol For Gaming To Use In 2023

In simple words, a VPN protocol is a set of rules that instruct how your data routes between your device and the VPN’s server. Different protocols operate differently, meaning that not every protocol is equally adept for gaming. So, why use a VPN protocol for gaming, and how to pick the best one? WireGuard is […]

Alex Zlatanovic
23 Jul 2022
Free vPN for PSV
10 Best Free VPNs For PS4 and PS5 in 2023 (Tested)

Are you a PS4 gamer who wants to level up your gaming experience? Well, if you’re playing online, you might encounter security issues and face some performance problems.  But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Did you know that you can use a free Virtual Private Network or VPN for PlayStation 4? Yes, you read […]

Alex Zlatanovic
21 Jul 2022
Good Speed for PS4
What Is a Good Connection Speed For PS4?

When it comes to playing multiplayer online games on your PS4, your connection speed can make or break your gaming experience. More specifically, the most important aspect of it is your network’s download speed. But, to put it into numbers, what counts as a good connection speed for PS4 consoles? The minimum PS4 Internet speed […]

Alex Zlatanovic
18 Jul 2022
Free VPN for Gaming
7 Best Free Gaming VPNs in 2023 (Tested)

Free Gaming VPNs Key Points My extensive testing has shown that NordVPN is the best VPN for gaming in general. You can try it risk-free as it is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Finding a free VPN for online gaming can be challenging. Most free VPNs offer poor quality of service, can’t sustain fast […]

Alex Zlatanovic
08 Jul 2022
No Lag VPN for Warzone
What Is The Best No Lag VPN For Warzone in 2023

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the best games around. There’s a reason why it recorded over a hundred million active players by April 2021, less than a year from its publication. It can be insanely entertaining when it pits you against other people with similar kill/death averages and skill levels.  However, sometimes, you […]

Alex Zlatanovic
02 May 2022
Best VPN for Nintendo Switch
How to Use Nintendo Switch VPN in 2023: Best VPN Easy Set-Up Guide

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s best-selling console, but like any other console, it can face online gaming issues such as crowded servers, lag, and connection drops.  Using a Virtual Private Network for Nintendo Switch can help avoid these issues and offer additional advantages. We have all the information you need to pick a Nintendo Switch […]

Alex Zlatanovic
18 Mar 2022
Best VPN for PS4
5 Best VPNs for PS4 and PS5 in 2023: Set Up Guide

PlayStation VPN Key Points Gaming and streaming on your PS4 or PS5 console are super-convenient and endlessly enjoyable, especially considering all of the PS game exclusives. That said, playing MP games on your PS console puts you at risk of many online threats, most worryingly DDoSing and swatting. Plus, from a practical standpoint, sometimes these […]

Alex Zlatanovic
24 Feb 2022
Best VPNs for Xbox
7 Best VPNs for Xbox in 2023 (For Lag-Free Gaming)

Xbox VPN Key Points Are you an avid Xbox gamer looking to level up your gaming experience? Playing single-player games on Xbox is already incredibly fun, but have you considered taking your game online? Doing so can bring new excitement and competition to your gaming experience. However, before you jump in, there are some online […]

Alex Zlatanovic
23 Feb 2022