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VPN Not Connecting
VPN not working? Here’s How To Fix It

If you’re having trouble connecting to your VPN, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people are experiencing these issues lately. The most common reason why VPN is not connecting include issues with the internet connection, software or device problems, or it can be caused by firewall protection, blocked ports, and even faulty configuration of […]

Aleksa Radulovic
05 Sep 2022
Best VPN
Turn Off VPN: How to Disconnect VPN on iOS, Android, Win, Mac, Linux

Turning off your virtual private network (VPN) is ideally not recommended as it can make you vulnerable online. A disconnected VPN stops protecting you from cyber threats such as hacking and snooping. As a result, your device, your personal information, and web traffic can all be intercepted and misused. This is especially the case when […]

Tejas Nair
06 Aug 2022
Why VPN keeps disconnecting
Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting? (Quick Fixes)

VPNs are excellent security tools, and top providers usually work very well. As in they provide fast speeds, apps that work well, and excellent torrenting and streaming support. However, even the best VPNs sometimes experience connectivity issues. So why do some VPNs keep disconnecting? Your VPN keeps disconnecting due to slow internet connections, an outdated […]

Tim Mocan
27 Jul 2022
Raspberry PI VPN
How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi VPN Server 

Raspberry Pi devices have many cool use cases, like using them as media centers or retro gaming machines. However, on their own, they don’t provide much online security, so it’s important to run a Raspberry Pi VPN on the device.  Also, if you want secure remote access to your home, you could turn your Raspberry […]

Tim Mocan
19 Jun 2022
Change IP Location with VPN
How to Change IP location With a VPN

VPNs are becoming increasingly popular tools for online users who want to change their IP location to any place around the globe. So, how exactly do you change your IP with a VPN? More than that, why would you even want to change your IP address with a VPN? Changing your IP address with a […]

Alex Zlatanovic
30 May 2022
Best SamsungTV VPN
How to Set Up a VPN on Samsung Smart TV & Best VPNs for It

A Samsung TV VPN can help you unblock any streaming app you want. Unfortunately, you can’t install a VPN app on your Samsung TV because its OS doesn’t natively support VPNs. Instead, you’ll need to perform manual setups. Don’t worry — those setups are not very difficult. You’ll actually find how-to guides for all the […]

Tim Mocan
28 Mar 2022
Best ChromecastTV VPN
How to Set Up and Use a Chromecast VPN (Easy Guides)

While Chromecast is an excellent streaming device, geo-blocks can easily get in the way of your fun. No problem, I’ll just use a Chromecast VPN to solve that issue — you might be thinking. Unfortunately, Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPN apps. That means you can’t download and install a VPN on it. Instead, you’ll need […]

Tim Mocan
20 Mar 2022
Stream It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix
How to Stream It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix

Stream It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix using VPN. Watch all seasons of the show from any country by unblocking Netflix’s geofence. Here’s how.

Tejas Nair
22 Nov 2021
Stream Marvel Movies on Netflix
How to Stream Marvel Movies on Netflix (2023)

Watch Marvel movies on Netflix from anywhere in the world using a VPN. Use our guide to watch your favorite MCU movies on Netflix. Click here for steps.

Tejas Nair
22 Nov 2021
Watch Big Bang Theory on Netflix
How to Watch Big Bang Theory on Netflix

Watch The Big Bang Theory on Netflix using our VPN guide. Watch the Emmy-winning comedy show from anywhere by bypassing Netflix’s geoblock. Here’s how.

Tejas Nair
03 Nov 2021