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Author: Richard Ernszt

Richard Ernszt is a respected writer, researcher, and expert in online privacy and security, with a focus on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). He has extensive experience analyzing the latest developments in VPN technology and is widely recognized as a leading authority in the field. Richard's work appears on multiple VPN-related websites, where he provides insightful and informative articles on the latest trends and best practices in online security. He is deeply committed to helping users stay safe and secure while browsing the web, and his research and writing have been instrumental in educating people on the importance of VPNs for protecting personal data and maintaining online privacy.

Best VPN
What is Port Forwarding and What Does it Do? Comprehensive Guide 2023

Port forwarding (also called port mapping) allows devices on the Internet to connect to devices or services on private networks (e.g. your home or office network). It has many applications for gaming, torrenting, or setting up backups, servers, and security cameras. PrivateVPN is the best choice that supports Port Forwarding As port forwarding makes your […]

Richard Ernszt
17 Mar 2023
Best VPN
Private Internet Access vs NordVPN – Full Comparison in 2023

Private Internet Access and NordVPN are two leaders in the VPN industry, both with plenty to offer. Secure browsing and torrenting, ad- and threat-blocking, great streaming capabilities, you name it. It’s a tight race between NordVPN vs PIA, but there’s a clear winner here. We tested both NordVPN and PIA on a variety of streaming […]

Richard Ernszt
02 Mar 2023
Best VPN
Port Forwarding for Gaming Made Easy (Full Guide)

Key Takeaways Looking for a VPN for Gaming? Without getting too technical, port forwarding creates a direct line of communication between two or more devices. In this case, your gaming console, mobile device, or PC – and different devices on the Internet. Using port forwarding for gaming allows you to connect with other players, host […]

Richard Ernszt
26 Feb 2023
Best VPN
IPVanish vs NordVPN in 2023: Which VPN is Better?

IPVanish and NordVPN are two popular VPN services, both fit to secure your data and for activities such as secure torrenting or streaming. That said, there can only be one winner between IPVanish vs NordVPN. In the following article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into every aspect of both VPNs. Privacy, security, speed, streaming […]

Richard Ernszt
09 Feb 2023
Best VPN
ProtonVPN vs NordVPN: Which is Better in 2023?

ProtonVPN and NordVPN are two top-notch VPN providers, both known for their dedication towards user privacy. While each one is excellent in its own right, there’s a clear winner in the ProtonVPN vs NordVPN race. Based on our in-depth comparison, NordVPN is a better choice for 2023. Not only is it faster than ProtonVPN, but […]

Richard Ernszt
10 Jan 2023
London VPN
6 Best VPN for London in 2023

It’s no secret that the UK government actively spies on its citizens. And while the Snoopers’ Charter was ruled partially unlawful in June 2022, that doesn’t mean the data logging will stop. As such, you still need a VPN in London and elsewhere to keep your online activity hidden. Privacy aside, VPNs also prevent a […]

Richard Ernszt
09 Dec 2022
Best VPN for Portugal
5 Best VPNs for Portugal: Get a Portuguese IP Address

Need a Portuguese IP address? Well, the best way to obtain one is to use a VPN for Portugal. Not only can you change your virtual location, but VPNs also shield your traffic from ISP data logging and hackers. Moreover, getting a VPN for Portugal doesn’t mean you’re limited to Portuguese content. By connecting to […]

Richard Ernszt
21 Oct 2022
Best VPN
UDP vs TCP VPN: Which Protocol Is Better to Use?

Both UDP and TCP are transport protocols, i.e. ways of sending data over the Internet. UDP is best for activities with some degree of tolerance for errors, like streaming, video calls, or gaming. Meanwhile, TCP is essential for error-free data transfers, such as browsing, instant messaging, email, and so on. We suggest trying UDP over […]

Richard Ernszt
17 Oct 2022
VPN for Poland
5 Best VPNs for Poland in 2023: Get a Polish IP Address

Getting the right VPN in Poland is essential for a few different reasons. For one, VPNs encrypt your traffic so your ISP and other eavesdroppers can’t tell what you’re up to online. Moreover, VPNs let you get a Polish IP address to access local content in Poland. Of course, you’re free to connect to any […]

Richard Ernszt
01 Oct 2022
VPN torrent throttle
2 Ways To Bypass Data, Torrent Throttling

Internet providers throttle torrents (i.e. slow down your speeds) for a couple of main reasons. These include combating piracy and cutting down on bandwidth costs. Of course, by throttling P2P connections like this, ISPs also cause issues with perfectly legal torrenting. Downloading Linux distros, free music released by artists, large work-related files – you name […]

Richard Ernszt
14 Sep 2022