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How to Hide Online Gambling Transactions (From Banks & ISP)

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You can win big when betting online, that’s for sure. But sometimes you want to keep your gambling activities just to yourself.

Everything you do online is not private anymore. Your deposits, losses, or wins can be seen by your bank, government, or ISP. You might ask – is there a way to hide your gambling transactions? Maybe it’s possible to bet online anonymously?

It’s a bit more complicated than it seems. Let’s explore your possibilities.

How to Hide Gambling Transactions From Banks?

Gambling and betting online privately is a good idea. There are few ways to make it less visible, but, it can not be completely anonymous. There are few ways to hide online gambling deposits from your bank.

Deposit with PayPal

Many online casinos allow depositing money with PayPal. This way your bank does not see a direct deposit to your betting account. Only the transactions to your PayPal account are visible.

Here’s How to Hide Gambling Transactions:

  1. Sign up and set up your PayPal account
  2. Transfer Money from your bank to your PayPal
  3. Deposit from PayPal to your betting account
  4. Your direct gambling transactions are now hidden from the bank

You can use other payment providers when a deposit with PayPal is not available. Some online gambling sites accept deposits from services like Neteller, Skrill, or Stripe.

Note, that this way of depositing does not make your activities anonymous. PayPal acts as an intermediary between your bank and a casino. Now, PayPal can see your gambling transactions instead of a bank. There’s also a law, that PayPal must report accounts that have more than $10 000 to the government.

Use a Prepaid Credit Card

If you do not like the idea of using a third-party service, you might want to use a Prepaid Credit Card. You can order it so that it is not linked directly to your bank. This way your bank can not track your payments.

The prepaid credit cards are not directly linked to you. Using them will hide your gambling transactions. But, they do need personal information during sign-up and are not completely anonymous.

Before getting one, make sure that deposits are accepted with a Prepaid Credit Card.

Play Crypto Casino

Using cryptocurrency to gamble online is the most anonymous method to do so. It will hide your gambling transactions, wins, and losses from a bank. You can use Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, to buy and deposit crypto to a casino.

The difficulty you might run into is that many bitcoin casinos do not allow US players to sign up. Luckily, there’s one casino called mBit that allows US players to create an account.

There’s also a way to bypass those restrictions by using a VPN. For example, you can play on the most popular crypto casino called Roobet, but make sure you follow the guide.

How to Hide Betting On Bank Statement

You can hide your betting on a bank statement by depositing with PayPal or Prepaid Credit Cards. You can also gamble anonymously by playing on crypto casinos. It is not possible to hide any past transactions on a bank statement. All direct deposits to your betting account are seen by your bank and can not be deleted.

How to Hide Gambling from ISP

All your online activity, payments, and websites visited are logged by ISP. It can easily tell when and where you connected. Your online gambling activities are not an exception. In the case of a thorough investigation, someone might look at your online behavior.

You can hide gambling transactions from ISP by using a VPN. It will hide all internet traffic so ISP does not see where you connect. A VPN encrypts your connection and routes via a VPN server. This way no one can look at the contents and tell which websites you visit.

Here’s how to hide gambling transactions from ISP:

  • Sign up to a VPN (NordVPN recommended)
  • Install the VPN app to your device
  • Connect to a VPN server
  • Connect to your gambling website
  • On VPN all your internet browsing is hidden from ISP

Another great benefit of a powerful VPN is that it can protect you from scammers. NordVPN has a CyberSec feature that blocks online ads and malicious websites. This saves you from scammy payment websites.

How to Hide Online Gambling Winnings

For whatever reason you want to hide your online casino winnings, there are only a few options to do so. One that works for fiat currency is to withdraw to a PayPal account. This only works for small amounts, as PayPal must report any account with more than $10 000 to the government.

Another way is to withdraw to a foreign bank account. It’s probably the only way possible to actually hide your gambling winnings.

The easiest way to hide your future winnings is to play on an online crypto casino. The best ones to do so are mBit or Roobet. Using Bitcoin is the most anonymous way to hide your wining or losses. This is because banks and governments can not track cryptocurrency transactions.

Does Gambling Affect Mortgage Application

Excessive gambling can negatively impact your mortgage application. If banks see betting deposits they might see too much risk and deny your application. It can also result in increased interest rates and lower mortgage amounts. Banks carefully evaluate the risks and do not lend to individuals who gamble.

Here’s how gambling affects mortgage application:

  • You are less likely to get a mortgage
  • They see you as irresponsible and carefree
  • Your mortgage interest rates might be higher
  • Your mortgage amount can be drastically reduced
  • They might ask to pay taxes on the winnings

To reduce the effects it is best to hide all your gambling activities. This means to use a VPN and deposit indirectly.


If you want to hide all your gambling activity it is best to play it smart. It is possible to play almost anonymously on Bitcoin casinos like mBit or Roobet. Make sure you also hide all your online activities from ISP with a VPN.

Using fiat currencies like USD or EUR is not possible to hide your gambling transactions.  You can only hide from the bank by using PayPal or another intermediary service to deposit the money.

Please make sure all your online browsing is private and secure with one of those VPNs:


VPN Service












Private Internet Access

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