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Seedbox vs. VPN: Which One to Use for Torrenting? Full Guide

VPN vs Seedbox

The majority of online users aren’t aware that torrenting content does involve certain risks. Security threats such as data exposure, possible legal problems, and vulnerability to hacker attacks are things you should be aware of.

Luckily, you can use various tools to enhance your privacy, namely Seedbox servers and VPNs. Both act as middlemen between you and the torrent swarm, but in completely distinct ways. So, when choosing between a VPN and Seedbox, which one should you go with for torrenting?

To decide whether you want to use a Seedbox or VPN for torrenting, you need to understand that they are two entirely different things. Both are used for different purposes and come with a specific set of advantages and disadvantages. We’ll cover every important aspect to help you decide which tool better suits you.

VPN vs. Seedbox – Direct Comparison

What is a VPN?

Often dubbed as the most useful tool for preserving online privacy, a Virtual Private Network is necessary for those who highly value their online anonymity and want to protect their private and financial information. A VPN works by routing your connection through its virtual tunnel, effectively masking your real IP address and replacing it with a remote IP address supplied by the VPN provider.

VPNs are practical tools packed with useful features that protect your privacy and let you enjoy unrestricted and uncensored Internet. A top-tier VPN usually comes with various encryption mechanisms (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2…). These let you customize your experience and tailor the VPN service to prioritize safety, performance, or balance between the two.

These features make VPNs a no-brainer when it comes to torrenting. While connected to a VPN server when torrenting, no one will be able to trace the activity back to your real IP address, and you’ll remain completely anonymous. Moreover, since VPNs often come with many extra features, you’ll be completely safe if any network breaches or connection drops occur.


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NordVPN offers the best features aimed at users who use P2P and torrenting. Their 256-bit protection, alongside a built-in kill switch, make this VPN service one of the safest around.

What’s even more critical for those who frequently torrent files is that NordVPN offers the best connection speeds. It recently upgraded its servers to use 10Gbps bandwidth as well as support technology built around the WireGuard protocol (NordLynx).

It’s also useful to know that NordVPN employs a 100% Zero Logs Policy, meaning that they don’t keep any records of what you download or upload on torrent sites. These features and attributes come at a very affordable subscription price, starting at only a few bucks per month.

What is a Seedbox?

Simply put, a Seedbox is a cloud-based server through which you can torrent any files. The way it works is that it first downloads your file to a Seedbox server. Once you’ve downloaded the content to your Seedbox database, you can simply transfer it from the Seedbox to your device. Such a system protects your identity and sensitive data, as anyone who is monitoring the file-sharing will only see Seedbox’s IP address and not yours.

It’s worth mentioning that, since a Seedbox essentially operates as a server, you can run other apps and services through it. Most Seedbox services offer Plex streaming support. You can even run OpenVPN through Seedbox, though this requires additional setting up and customizing your Seedbox panel settings.

Similar to a VPN service, Seedbox does a great job of protecting your privacy. While using a Seedbox when torrenting, you’ll be going through the service’s IP address, which is routed through several security layers. 

But, unlike a VPN, a Seedbox still leaves a small window open for someone to trace back the activity to you, as it doesn’t make you completely anonymous. With enough skill and patience, a hacker can find out your real IP address.


Seedbox.io is the most popular Seedbox service on the market for several crucial reasons. Not only does it offer its services at very competitive rates, but it also supports much more than torrenting, as you can also rely on FTPS extensions, as well as web access.

Seedbox.io offers several price plans, so you can conveniently choose the one that suits you the most, depending on your bandwidth needs. Starting with 300GB per month and up to 100TB per month, Seedbox.io subscription packages guarantee that you’ll never run out of storage space when torrenting.

Test Your VPN Knowledge – Take A Quiz!

What’s the Difference Between Seedbox and a VPN?

The main difference between a VPN and Seedbox is that the latter stores downloads and files. In comparison, a VPN doesn’t store any information or files, as it only acts as an intermediary between your device and the Internet.

With that said, the differences between a VPN and a Seedbox go beyond just this aspect. They also include performance, security, and overall user experience. If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming and difficult to remember, check out the direct VPN vs. Seedbox feature comparison table below:

Fast torrenting speedsEven faster torrenting speeds
Privacy on all browsing activitiesPrivacy only for torrenting
Encrypts all your trafficDoes not encrypt your traffic
Can unblock restricted contentDoes not unblock restricted content
Can unblock streaming servicesDoes not unblock streaming services
File storage on your own deviceLarge storage space on the server
Suitable for all types of online activitiesUsed mainly for torrenting

Frequently Asked Questions

When to Use a VPN and When to use Seedbox

A simple way of deciding is to consider your torrenting needs on a monthly basis. Do you torrent often and need a lot of storage space? Do you also seed content and files and require ultra-fast speeds? Then it’s best to opt for a Seedbox service.

On the other hand, if you only download moderately, a few movies or tv shows a month, perhaps a few games as well, then a VPN is a more convenient option. This is because it also provides you with a lot of additional value. With privacy across all of your devices, you can hide all of your activities from any prying eyes, including your ISP.

Is Seedbox as Safe as a VPN?

In general terms, a Seedbox isn’t as safe as a VPN. It doesn’t encrypt your connection. What’s more, there are no kill-switch mechanisms, no DNS leak protection, and you can’t pick the servers you want to connect to. That said, focusing on the torrenting aspect, VPNs and Seedbox services are equally safe and private. 

Can You Use Seedbox as a VPN?

There’s no arguing that a Seedbox can be a beneficial asset in your toolbox if you frequently torrent files. However, the bottom line is that it can never match the various features a VPN can offer, and you should never try to use this service as a replacement for a VPN.

Because a Seedbox can’t unblock geo-restricted content, encrypt all of the data you share, or reroute your connection to a remote server, you can’t use it in the same way you would a VPN service.

Is it Safe to Use a Seedbox Without a VPN?

In theory, you should be completely safe when using a Seedbox without a VPN. As long as you use a Secure File Transfer Protocol and avoid downloading any files directly through your browser, you are flying well under the radar. 

The only way you can get into legal trouble or expose your IP is if you’re unlucky enough to be downloading/seeding the content directly from the agency that holds the copyright claim. Considering that, combining a Seedbox and a VPN guarantees the best and safest torrenting experience you can get. 

Can You Use VPN and Seedbox at the Same Time?

If you’re mindful of your budget, combining a VPN with a Seedbox with a VPN might seem like overkill. Be that as it may, if you want to make sure you’re anonymous and completely private online but still want to enjoy maximum torrent speeds, using a VPN with a Seedbox is the best way of going about this. 

Seedbox vs. VPN for Torrenting – A Quick Rundown

Ultimately, comparing a VPN and Seedbox is a bit unfair to the latter. A VPN is a complete tool used for various purposes, while Seedbox is designed primarily with torrenting in mind. A Seedbox can support torrenting with Gigabit connections, outperforming a VPN in this regard, but not in many other aspects.

And while Seedbox is an excellent independent service for online users, it still has some weaknesses you should be mindful of when using it. If maximum security and privacy are your top objectives when torrenting, going with a VPN and Seedbox combo is the best way to ensure complete protection.

One of the best VPN choices for torrenting is NordVPN. That said, if you’re just looking for a seedbox, your best option is to go with Seedbox.io

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