A VPN into China (Get China IP address to unblock sites)

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While many popular VPN services provide access to the blocked content while you stay in China, however, not many of them offer a VPN into China. China’s internet is heavily controlled so to unblock Chinese websites you need to get a China IP address using a VPN.

It is rare that a VPN provider would have a server in mainland China since the use of commercial consumer VPNs is very limited. However, there are still some excellent VPN services that do provide a VPN into China.

China actively blocks VPN connections both ways. This means that accessing restricted content to and from in this country comes with a challenge. Using a VPN to get into China is the easiest way to unblock popular websites such as Youku or QQ. There are only a few services that offer a VPN into China, though.

China’s Great Firewall not only blocks websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google when you are inside the country, but also it restricts access to many Chinese websites from abroad. When you VPN into China you get access to the heavily censored network with access to many websites that are otherwise unreachable.

Here are a few reasons why you would want to get a Chinese IP address.

Unblock the best video streaming platforms such as:

  • Youku
  • iQiyi
  • Tencent Video
  • Sohu
  • LeTV
  • Taobao Live
  • Bilibili
  • Douyin (Chinese TikTok)

Get access to other popular websites:

  • Baidu (Chinese Google)
  • QQ (Social network)
  • Sina (新浪新闻中心)
  • Taobao 淘宝网
  • Zhihu
  • Weibo

Test your websites: Another reason to connect to mainland China is to test your own website. Usually, when working on localization or international business it is important to make sure that the functionality, design, and copy looks good. Using Chinese IP address you could test if your website is accessible or the payment integrations with the most popular payment provider AliPay are working correctly.

Even though Hong Kong is officially a part of China, however, it is a separate administrative region with its own laws that are very different from those in China. Since 2009 things have changed and Chinese websites are no longer accessible from this region. The same restrictions apply when accessing from Taiwan.

Yes, you can. With a VPN you will be able to watch and access popular Chinese online TVs and streaming websites. Using a VPN would change your location so you would look like accessing those services from inside China.

Note that some streaming platforms or services have more sophisticated location detection mechanisms. In order to use them properly, for example, your payment information or billing address has to be in China.

A great VPN to get to China must have a few key features. Those aspects are important when picking the one that will help to unblock websites, stream videos, and stay private at the same time. Here’s what makes a good VPN into China:

  • China servers: it’s great if a VPN provider has more than one server to get into China. Servers in different regions is a good indication of great service as well. The more servers are the better as it may reduce the load and increase the connection performance and internet speeds.
  • Different protocols available: it is challenging for VPNs to get around the Great Firewall that is constantly blocking the connections from abroad. A great VPN into China should have different protocols available in order to mask your internet traffic and circumvent the restrictions. The popular OpenVPN protocol is often blocked and protocols such as SSTP, IKEv2, or the ones that obfuscate VPN traffic should be used instead.
  • Strong encryption: great and strong encryption is the key to your privacy. At least the industry-standard AES-256 key bit encryption should be used to hide your personal data.
  • No-logging: it is important that the VPN provider does not keep any personally identifying information on any of their servers. The no-logging policy is essential to ensure total privacy when connecting to China. Needles to say, there should be no IP or DNS leaks when connected to a Chinese server.
  • Speeds: usually internet speeds decrease with a VPN so it is important that a VPN provider would have great speeds in case you want to stream videos, download files, or just browse in general. When you VPN into China from abroad you might be experiencing even slower speeds since you must bypass the restrictions.

PureVPN is the best VPN to get the Chinese IP address. It has more than 2,000+ servers across 141+ countries from which 6 servers in mainland China. The servers are located in Guangdong and Shanghai regions and are fully self-managed.

This provider has multiple protocols available to circumvent the Chinese Firewall. The protocols available are OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP.

When it comes to privacy, PureVPN uses an industry-standard AES-256 bit key encryption and is a no-log certified VPN service. It has IP and DNS leak protection too.

It supports P2P (torrenting) traffic and is able to unblock many streaming services such as Youku or Netflix. It works on all main platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and even Linux.

All its plans come with a 31-day money-back guarantee and it even has a 7-day 0.99$ trial. All plans support up to 5-devices at once.

  • 140+ countries and 2000+ servers
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Hides internet traffic and easily unblocks geo-restricted content
  • Internet Kill Switch and IP leak protection
  • Offers the cheapest Dedicated IP addresses
  • Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and router support
  • Perfect for streaming Netflix, Hulu, BBC
  • Strict and audited no-log policy

  • Ivacy is a great choice for those who want to VPN into China. It has 2000+ servers in over 100 locations from which 6 servers are in mainland China. It offers Hong Kong and many other servers in Asia too.

    Ivacy is a secure VPN that uses AES-256 encryption, has IP and DNS leak protection as well as Internet Kill Switch. It supports OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. This provider also has a clear No Log policy.

    This service has apps for Win, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and works on Smart TVs too. It allows up to 5 simultaneous connections at once.

    Great speeds and no-buffering streaming are just a few benefits that this VPNs has.

    Ivacy is surprisingly very affordable and their offer starts as low as $1.16/month for their 5-year plan, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Ivacy VPN Logo horizontal
  • 2000+ servers in over 100 locations
  • Easy-to-use apps for all major platforms
  • Indstry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • Has good internet speeds
  • Clear no-logs policy
  • Split tunneling feature
  • IPv6 and DNS leak protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • HotspotShield won the Ookla Speed test award in 2020 as the fastest VPN service. It uses its custom made speed-optimized VPN protocol Catapult Hydra. This service has more than 3200+ servers available in 70+ countries including China.

    Besides being one of the fastest VPNs in the industry it also has an unlimited bandwidth that you can use for streaming as HotspotShield works with Netflix and Hulu too.

    The service works on many platforms and supports up to 5 devices at once.

    The logging policy could be better – it states that it does not log any personally identifiable information, but still keeps some sort of logs.

    Nevertheless, Hotspot Shield offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on all its plans. It’s a good choice to get a Chinese IP address and experiences good speeds.

    HotspotShield VPN Logo Horizontal
  • 3200+ servers in 70+ countries including China
  • Unlimited data for unlimited browsing and streaming
  • Military-grade encryption and security
  • Connect 5 devices under 1 account
  • Dedicated, live 24⁄7 tech support
  • Complete privacy from your ISP and other trackers
  • No hassle 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Using a VPN to get a Chinese IP Address is easy. Here are the steps on how to use VPN service to get into China:

    1. Download and install a VPN app (PureVPN is the best to get a Chinese IP address)
    2. Create your account and login
    3. Choose China as your country
    4. Connect with just a button click
    5. Enjoy your unblocked Chinese websites

    While most popular VPN services offer a way to work inside China, not many of them offer actual VPN servers on the mainland to access many websites from outside. There are just a few that offer Chinese IP addresses from which the best is PureVPN. It offers 6 servers to VPN into China, has great speeds, and is a certified no-logs provider that will protect your privacy from the Chinese government. Using a VPN that gives you Chinese IP addresses can unblock the most popular websites such as Youku or QQ.

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