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What Is My Torrent IP? (And How to Hide Your Torrenting)

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Your IP address is like the home address of your network. It helps you establish your presence on the Internet. Keeping your IP address private will hide your online activities from anyone trying to spy on you. This is very valuable, especially if you’re using torrent clients to download copyrighted content.

You can use various tools to hide your torrent client IP address and torrent in privacy. If you want to learn how to check your torrent IP address, how to prevent IP leaks, and other valuable tips, make sure to read this detailed article.

What is a Torrent IP Address?

In simple terms, a torrent IP address is the IP address that a torrent client uses. So, whenever you add any magnet link to your torrent client, it will be set to the IP address assigned to your torrent client. This is usually your true IP address. That is, if you’re not using any additional tools.

But, if you’re a prudent torrent client user, you’ll take the necessary steps to ensure that the torrent IP address isn’t the same IP address as your real IP. Separating your torrent IP address from your real, public IP ensures that you can safely torrent peers without worrying whether or not someone is spying on your activities.

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Why It’s Important to Check Your Torrent IP

The reason why you should always do a torrent IP check before downloading any torrent file is apparent and ties to the previous point. If the torrent IP address is properly protected and working correctly, you can download copyrighted content in complete safety and privacy. All while keeping your true IP address hidden.

But, let’s expand a bit more on this. When you use a torrent client and connect to torrent peers, you’re sharing your IP address with all other users in the swarm. In other words, everyone’s IP addresses are visible to everyone else downloading the same files through the magnet links. So, all other users will know your real IP address and can use it to dig up even more personal information about you.

Moreover, copyright trolls can see your real IP address. They can then go to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and require them to hand over your details. If that happens, you can get sued for torrenting copyrighted content and face a hefty time or even a jail sentence.

How to Prevent Torrent IP Leaks?

So, understanding why it’s important to check your IP address and protect your torrenting activity, how do you actually go about it? There are a couple of tried and tested ways how you can hide your true IP address and ensure complete anonymity when using torrent clients. Here are the best ways to prevent leaks:

Use a Reliable VPN Provider

The best way to mask your real IP address is to use a VPN service. When you connect to a VPN server, the service swaps your real IP address with the VPN IP. This protects your original IP address, as anyone attempting to track you will only see the VPN IP address. Even your ISP won’t be able to see what you torrent.

Top VPNs come with strong encryption and support various protocols. They also possess advanced features like a kill switch and port forwarding. Hiding your IP address with a VPN is simple and takes only a few seconds to set up.

That said, for all of this to be true, you should pick a trusted P2P VPN. This means avoiding free VPN services and only using premium ones. Free VPNs aren’t as capable and secure as paid services, and using a free client might lead to issues like WebRTC leaks.

Only Use HTTPS Proxies

If you don’t want to use a VPN provider, you can go with a proxy. A proxy connection is not as safe as a VPN connection, but it still does the job for torrenting. That said, it’s crucial to mention that you should only use an HTTPS or SOCKS5 torrent proxy.

Avoid using HTTP proxies, as they won’t be able to hide your torrenting activities. This type of torrent proxy will often have weak or non-existent encryption. To add to this, the HTTP proxy server owner will be able to see your true IP address and torrent activity.

Use a Privacy-Friendly Torrent Client

As is the case with all VPNs and proxy servers, not all torrents are the same. For example, uTorrent is a very popular user agent with a long history. But, it’s also riddled with ads and a bit shadier than other torrent software like BitTorrent or qBittorrent.

Sticking on the subject of the BitTorrent client, this software enables you to customize the client in various different ways. That way, BitTorrent users can tailor their torrent client better, at the slight expense of diminished torrenting performance.

How to Check Your Torrent IP Address

So, you’ve picked a proxy or a VPN and set up your connection. This is a great first step. If you don’t make the extra effort to check if your IP address is truly hidden, the torrent client might still leak your IP. But, how do you check torrent IP?

The best way to check your torrent IP is to use a free tool like ipMagnet or IPLeak. These two tools are pretty steadfast and provide reliable results. Moreover, they are advanced enough to provide you with information not only on your browser IP address but also on your torrent IP.

To check for a leak, all you have to do is copy the magnet link and input it in the required box. The tool will provide you with feedback on your IP. With this information, you need to check to make sure that the displayed IP is that of your VPN or proxy.

Once you’ve determined that your proxy or VPN is working correctly, you can start adding torrents to your client. You can occasionally recheck your torrent client to see which IP is displayed.


You should always check your torrent IP address and make sure that the torrent client isn’t compromising your public IP address. Additionally, it’s essential to set up some protection before you download torrents. Maintaining your privacy when torrenting will keep you under the radar of copyright trolls and your ISP.

And, hopefully, the information we’ve shared with you on this page, along with the useful free tools, will help you hide your real IP address. Lastly, whether you decide to use a VPN or proxy, always make sure to double-check everything. You don’t want anyone finding out your original IP address when torrenting.

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Torrent IP FAQs

Can I check my torrent IP address with an IP lookup tool?

Some torrent users check torrent IP addresses by typing in “what is my IP” in their browser. However, this is the wrong way to do so. It’s because this method only detects your browser’s IP address. So, it’s not giving you a complete picture of your situation.

This is to say, your browser IP address might be safe, and your torrent IP address might still be compromised. So, if you want to check if your VPN or proxy is working, make sure to use one of the tools we’ve recommended above. They can check for various information, not only your browser IP address.

Moreover, if you use such a simple lookup method, your results will most likely vary, and you won’t know whether or not you have a torrent IP leak. If you’re using a VPN that’s unreliable at times or if the torrent client injects your IP address and sends it to the trackers, checking your IP through the browser is pointless.

How to check IP leaks when using a VPN?

There are a couple of tests you should perform to make sure your Virtual Private Network isn’t leaking your real IP address. Firstly, you should do a simple IP address check and a torrent IP check. After that, you should check for both WebRTC leaks and DNS leaks before you start downloading any content.

Should I use a VPN or proxy to hide my true IP address when torrenting?

In the context of a direct VPN or proxy duel, we think that the VPN is the superior choice. While the proxy server will hide your real IP address when torrenting, it lacks the security features you’ll find in a VPN. Most VPN providers have added security and privacy software, often even including malware protection.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can combine two VPN services or sign up with a VPN that has a double VPN feature. However, keep in mind that your torrents will download much slower, as your connection will be routed through two VPN IP addresses.

How does tracking torrent files work?

Every magnet link or file that you add to your torrent client is connected to a tracking torrent. This tracking torrent contains various information, including the IPs of all peers that have this file. With this data, it’s easy to identify each user by their IP address.

Can I hide my torrent IP while using split tunneling?

We advise you to avoid using the split tunneling feature when torrenting. It reduces your privacy and can potentially compromise your IP. It’s always best to protect your entire connection than to only encrypt your torrent activity.

Many torrenters use split tunneling to keep their real IP for their browser IP address while connecting the torrent client to a VPN server. However, this can give away your torrenting habits, as your ISP can see what pages you visit and what you do on your browser.

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