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How to Watch Voot in the USA (Easy Way)

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Can’t wait to catch the upcoming season of Bigg Boss but don’t want to torrent? Or was it an Indian drama show that your friend recommended? Maybe you are a fan of Arshad Warsi or Nikhil Chinapa! 

Whatever may be the source of your binge rush, you are looking at Voot. It is a free video-on-demand (VOD) service that streams some of the best Indian content in the world. Due to copyright and geographical restrictions, it’s not officially available in the USA. You have to use a VPN to unblock it.

So, today, let’s look at how you can use Voot in the USA and enjoy all its free and paid shows. We are talking Indian TV shows produced by its own channels like Colors and Nickelodeon, reality shows like Bigg Boss (including its regional versions), popular web shows, and classic Bollywood movies.

The best way to watch Voot in the USA is to use a VPN. NordVPN is the best service with hundreds of Indian servers that can unblock Voot. It can access and stream all geo-restricted content from India in HD.

Is Voot Available in the USA?

Voot is only available in India and the UK (via Virgin Media). In the US, Voot broadcasts some of its content via Sling TV, but most of its library is still missing. Especially if you are looking to watch Bigg Boss Hindi or Bigg Boss Kannada.

Thankfully, you can unblock Voot and access all its content in the USA using a strong VPN. The process is similar to how you would go about unblocking other over-the-top (OTT) platforms like ZEE5, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV in the USA.

Voot Free Vs. Voot Select

Run by Indian media house Viacom18, Voot streams free TV shows and movies. You just have to create an account and you can stream all shows and movies via its mobile app or website. With Voot Free, you can stream Indian TV shows, web series, and movies, some of which are exclusive to the platform. 

Voot Select is a paid feature that will give you access to Voot Originals, live Indian TV channels, and more content before it even premieres in India. As of May 2021, the subscription costs less than $2 (₹99) per month. An annual subscription costs about $6 (₹399).

Apart from these, there’s also Voot Kids that has cartoons, animated shows, puzzles, and quizzes for a younger audience.

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How to Watch Voot in the USA?

The best way to stream Voot in the USA is to access the platform via a reliable virtual private network (VPN). Besides Voot, it will unblock any geo-restricted content.

Here’s how to watch Voot in the USA:

  1. Get a VPN subscription (NordVPN is recommended)
  2. Download and install the VPN client on your device
  3. Switch ON the VPN and select an Indian server (this is important)
  4. Open the Voot app or access the website and enjoy your favorite shows

The first time you access the Voot website via VPN, make sure you create an account using your personal email ID. You don’t necessarily need a phone number to sign up. This is a relief if you don’t own a number with an Indian cellular network like Vodafone or Airtel.

If you are on mobile, you can turn ON the VPN and access Voot content on both its website and app. 

Note – We recommend using a paid VPN for the best results. 

Use NordVPN to Unblock Voot in the USA

It is simple to get Voot in the USA with NordVPN: it is the strongest VPN provider for the platform. It can unblock virtually any video streaming platform in the world. Moreover, its support for Ultra HD streaming is second to none. When you are streaming Voot from your home in the United States, you would ideally want to both stream the content and stream it in high resolution. That is where NordVPN beats other VPN apps.

Our review found that its SmartPlay feature works better against streaming platforms’ strong geo-blocking restrictions. While you don’t need this feature to access Voot in the USA, it will be of help should a need arise to stream content on other platforms.

List of features that make NordVPN best for Voot:

  • Excellent server speeds
  • Wide variety of servers with multiple options within a single region/country
  • Simplistic interface
  • Ability to unblock major streaming platforms other than Voot
  • Strict no-logs policy

How to Subscribe to Voot Select from the US?

While consuming free content on an Indian video platform from the United States can be easy, subscribing to its premium plan can be tricky. This is because you may need a native payment system like United Payments Interface (UPI) or net banking to subscribe to the paid plans.

Thankfully, for Voot Select you can use one of the three options:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

We tried using Amazon Pay for a monthly subscription and it easily went through. The only caveat is that you have to link your Voot account to Amazon Pay. On the other hand, both credit cards and debit card showed a direct payment gateway with a one-time-password (OTP) verification.

Pro Tip – When using Amazon Pay to buy the Voot Select subscription, make sure you have enough balance in your wallet.

When you sit down to subscribe to Voot Select, we recommend you to follow the following process to avoid any errors:

  1. Switch on the VPN and open Voot (site or app)
  2. Click on the option to subscribe to Voot Select. You will be taken to the ‘Mode of Payment’ page
  3. Choose the preferred payment option (Amazon Pay, credit card, debit card)
  4. Complete the transaction

Keep the transaction slip or receipt handy just in case you need to contact customer support later. We recommend trying the monthly subscription first to see how it goes as international money exchange is always tricky. It has a higher chance of failing.

What to Do If Voot Doesn’t Accept an American Credit Card or Amazon Pay US?

In our research, we did find that Voot does not allow using American payment systems like AMEX. In some cases, transactions through Amazon Pay US also failed. So, what can you do to bypass this?

You have two options: 

  1. Use a VISA or MasterCard credit card
  2. Seek the help of a friend in India

We know the second option may not be viable but there doesn’t seem to be a solution at the moment.

How to Download Voot App in the USA?

Downloading the Voot app from a US-based smartphone or computer can be tricky. But there’s a simple workaround to fix it. Here’s how to do it on both Android and iOS devices. (If you are using a desktop computer, you just need to switch ON the VPN and access the site on a browser.)

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Voot App on Android

  1. Access ‘Settings’ in your phone’s Google Play Store app
  2. Go to ‘General’, followed by ‘Account preferences’
  3. Under ‘Country and profiles’ you should see an option to change the country
  4. Change the country to India. Accept any warnings that may show up
  5. Switch ON the VPN and select an Indian server
  6. In Google Play Store, search for the Voot app
  7. Download and install the app to finish the process

Before opening the app, make sure you are connected to the VPN (using the process above) first. We recommend creating an account using the website for a smoother login on the app later.

Confirm that the app’s developer is Viacom18 Digital Media to verify its authenticity before downloading. You may also consider the Voot Kids app if you are looking for content for kids.

Critical Information While Changing Countries in Google Play Store

  • You can only change the country in Google Play Store once per year
  • In some cases, the country change may take about 48 hours to reflect on the app
  • You may consider using Voot app APK from a reliable third-party provider to avoid this step altogether

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Voot App on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ of your iOS device (iPhone), followed by ‘iTunes & App Stores’
  2. Tap on ‘Apple ID’, followed by ‘View Apple ID’
  3. Select ‘Country/Region’ and tap on ‘Change country or region’
  4. Select India from the list of countries
  5. Switch ON the VPN and select an Indian server
  6. In the Apple Play Store, search for the Voot app
  7. Download and install the app to finish the process

Unlike Android, there are no conditions to be aware of before changing the country in an iOS device. You can switch back to the USA after finishing the above process.

Note – The processes outlined above can also be used to access Voot in other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about getting Voot in the USA.

Do I need an Indian Voot account for it to work in the USA?

No. You can create a fresh account through a VPN while staying in the USA. Voot only detects the IP it is being accessed from.

Can I subscribe to Voot Select from the USA?

Yes. After creating an account, you can subscribe to Voot Select. American payment systems like credit cards or debit cards do work (with applicable foreign exchange rates). However, we still recommend using an Indian payment system (like UPI) for an error-free transaction.

Can I create an account on Voot using an American IP address?

No. You will need to access Voot from an Indian IP.

What is the best VPN for Voot?

We recommend NordVPN to unblock Voot in the USA because of its seamless unblocking, high speed, and SmartPlay features.

Are all Voot shows and movies available in the USA if I use a VPN?

Yes. If you access Voot using a VPN you can gain access to all the shows and movies available. 

Can I watch Voot on my smart TV in the US?

You can watch Voot on your smart TV if it has an option to connect to a VPN. You may also consider a router VPN for this purpose or use the screencasting feature that may be available on your smart TV.

What are the top shows available in Voot in the USA?

Some of the most popular Voot content in the United States are MTV Roadies, Bigg Boss, Splitsvilla, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Asur, and Time Out.

I cannot access Voot even when my VPN is ON. What should I do?

You can try changing the server (make sure the country is India) or clearing the cache data of the Voot app on your phone. You can also consider logging out and then logging in and reinstalling the app as a last resort. Before doing so, see if you can access Voot from its website while still being on the VPN.

Can I buy Voot Select from the USA?

Yes. However, Voot doesn’t allow international cards, so your subscription transaction may not pass through.

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