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The Best Kollywood/Tamil Torrent Websites

Kollywood torrents

Do you enjoy watching movies from various parts of the world and want to explore what Bollywood has to offer? Perhaps you’re in India, and you want to watch Kollywood/Tamil movies for free. With countless torrent websites out there, how can you make sure that you’ve picked the right one for you?

We’ve researched to bring you the top seven torrenting websites for Kollywood/Tamil movies. What’s more, we’ll also show you how to download from them using a VPN. This way, you can enjoy your favorite content with maximum safety and without compromising your privacy.

Want quick tips?

  1. Choose one of our recommended VPNs
  2. Download the app and connect to a server
  3. Open a torrent site
  4. Download your favorite Hindi content!

Safest VPN Providers for Kollywood/Tamil Torrents

Before we dig deeper into the best websites for Bollywood movies and Hindi content in general, we want to highlight the top five VPN services for torrenting Bollywood/Hollywood/Tamil movies.

With so many VPNs in the industry, it’s just as vital to pick a trusted service as it is to use a reliable torrenting site. With that in mind, here are the five safest and most trustworthy VPN providers for Kollywood/Tamil torrents:

  1. NordVPN – The best VPN for downloading Tamil/Bollywood torrents. Supports super-fast speeds and comes with tons of advanced features.
  2. Surfshark – Fast and light VPN service for downloading Tamil torrents. Supports unlimited connections and reliable apps across all major platforms.
  3. PrivateVPN – Simple VPN with a solid server base and port forwarding support. It’s affordable and has an impressive uptime of 99.98%.
  4. Atlas VPN – Great all-around VPN for torrenting. It’s fast and supports P2P file-sharing across its entire server network.
  5. ExpressVPN – Robust VPN with strong security features. An excellent pick for users that want maximum privacy and protection when downloading torrents.

Why Should You Watch Tamil Movies With a VPN

Downloading copyrighted Bollywood content or even streaming it for free is illegal in most countries. So, doing this without a VPN service is not very wise. Plus, you might live in a country in which you can’t even access P2P sites. Because of this, using a VPN for torrenting Hindi movies is the best way to go.

A VPN will mask your real IP address when torrenting so that no one can know that you’re downloading or uploading any content. Moreover, it can help you access torrenting websites if they are blocked in your country. 

Lastly, it will keep you safe from any malicious users on the network. As it keeps your real IP address private, the VPN makes it nearly impossible for anyone to spy on your online activities or steal your personal data without you knowing it.

Test Your VPN Knowledge – Take A Quiz!

7 Best Kollywood/Tamil Torrent Websites

1. Tamilrockers

When talking about the best and most popular Kollywood/Tamil websites, there’s arguably no bigger name in the business than Tamilrockers. This torrenting site has become so ingrained in popular culture that you can even find Tamilrockers’ cameos in several popular Tamil movies.

Initially, Tamilrockers wasn’t even a torrent website when it launched. But, it grew into the leading platform where users can find both Hindi films and Hollywood titles dubbed into various regional languages. 

Registration with Tamilrockers is entirely free and optional. And, even though ISPs in India and worldwide often try to block the website, Tamilrockers continuously switches to new web addresses to avoid getting shut down.

Visit site

2. The Pirate Bay

Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay is the best-known torrenting website and one of the oldest sites of its kind that hasn’t been shut down. Although there have been numerous attempts to close The Pirate Bay over the years, it has always managed to prevail and continue operating.

Available in 35 languages, The Pirate Bay enjoys the biggest user base, estimated at around 60 million users. The site is safe and easy to navigate. Plus, as there are so many active users, you can always find content with a lot of seeders, meaning that your downloads will be faster.

3. 1337x

1337x has been around for a decade and a half, but it only saw a boom in its popularity in 2016 after KickassTorrents got shut down. It is currently one of the most popular alternatives to The Pirate Bay.

And, just like The Pirate Bay, this torrent site hosts a ton of great content, spanning from Bollywood to Hollywood, music, games, and much more. While it doesn’t primarily focus on Hindi content, users can still find a lot of it on 1337x.


Although RARBG has undoubtedly seen better days, it is still one of the biggest torrent sites for movies and TV shows. In the past decade, it has frequently ranked as one of the most popular torrenting sites. RARBG hosts a ton of English-language content, although you can also find dubbed content.

The main issue with downloading from RARBG is that it has been blocked in a number of countries worldwide. Most notably, you can’t access it from India, Italy, the UK, Denmark, and several other countries. The only way to use RARBG from these countries is to download a VPN and connect to a location where RARBG isn’t blocked.

5. YTS

You can find YTS (YIFY) content on many other torrenting sites. But, not many users know that there’s a dedicated site where they can download top-quality movies from many cinema industries across the globe. Many titles come with subtitles, and you can even find dubbed content in several languages.

The only downside of YTS is that it has a good deal of ads. So, you should always use a VPN with strong malware protection when accessing it. That way you can be certain you’re anonymous and stay safe from any malicious ads.

6. Demonoid

Demonoid is one of the oldest torrenting sites around and one of the first BitTorrent trackers, having launched in 2003. This website was shut down multiple times over the years and even closed in 2018. However, soon after, the website was revived and is currently operating and hosting over a million torrents covering various content.

Demonoid is an excellent torrent site for advanced users, as it has a comprehensive search tool that allows you to adjust a lot of parameters. The service also requires you to register and periodically closes registrations to ensure its service is up to par. So, if you can register at the time of reading this and want to use Demonoid, we recommend signing up without delay.

7. Limetorrents

Limetorrents offers a massive variety of content, so you can easily find dubbed content, Bollywood movies, and much more. Although like many other torrenting websites, this one is also banned in India and several other countries, you can get around this issue by using a VPN service.

According to recent data, there are over 10 million torrents available on this torrent site, so your searches will always provide results. Apart from hosting copyrighted content, Limetorrents is also known for having a lot of public domain files. You can download these safely without worrying about breaking any copyright laws.

Tamil/Kollywood Torrenting FAQs

Is it Safe to Use Kollywood Torrent Sites Without a VPN? 

Using a VPN when downloading Kollywood content is certainly better than downloading content without a VPN service. Depending on where you live, using movie torrent sites to download movies can get you in a lot of trouble with the law. 

For example, if you torrent Tamil movies in India, you can get fined or might even get a jail sentence, depending on how you use the content and whether or not you distribute it. So, when streaming for free or downloading Tamil movies, it’s best to use a VPN service. A trusted VPN will mask your real IP address and minimize the chance of getting caught.

Is it Allowed to Use VPN for Kollywood Torrents?

Using a VPN to torrent is completely legal in India and many other countries worldwide. However, as most Kollywood titles are protected by copyright laws, you are still breaking the law by downloading the copyrighted content, regardless of whether or not you’re using a VPN while doing so.

How can I Download Tamil Torrents?

If you want to download the latest Tamil movie torrents, here’s how you can do it in just a few steps:

  1. Sign up with a trusted VPN service
  2. Connect to a VPN server in a country where torrenting is allowed
  3. Go to one of our recommended Tamil movies torrent sites
  4. Start downloading your favorite content!

What’s the Best Torrent Site for Tamil Movie Fans?

The best torrent site for Kollywood torrenting is Tamilrockers. Besides this leading Tamil torrent site, you can also find a lot of Hindi movie torrents on the massively popular site The Pirate Bay.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Tamil Torrents?

We advise you to avoid using free VPNs for torrenting and downloading Tamil movies. This is because free VPN services can’t offer you the same privacy and security that premium services deliver. Besides that, free VPNs for torrenting generally can’t support the same P2P file-sharing speeds.

Still, if you want to use a free VPN for Tamil torrents, we recommend Atlas VPN. It has many of the benefits of the service’s premium plans, just with fewer servers. This is a great way to download a few titles and test how a VPN works before you switch to a premium subscription.


If you’re looking for Tamil new movie torrents, the good news is that there are many options you can pick from to always find the latest titles you want to watch. The top seven sites for torrenting Kollywood/Tamil content are all great and will help you find any Tamil movie you want to watch.

That said, it’s also vital to keep in mind that torrenting Bollywood/Hollywood/Tamil movies is an illegal activity in most countries worldwide. That’s why you should always use added protection in the form of a VPN service.

Using a VPN when downloading new Bollywood movies through torrents will help you stay protected against torrent trackers and copyright trolls and keep your real information private from anyone trying to snoop around. 

So, if you want to avoid any copyright-related trouble, issues with the law, and lay low from malicious users, make sure to pick one of our recommended VPNs and torrent sites. They are safe to use, so all you need to do is pick the ones you like the best and start torrenting your favorite Hindi movies!

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