SoundCloud Not Available in your Country: How to Unblock It

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With over 175 million monthly users, SoundCloud is one of the world’s most extensive music streaming services. But, similarly to other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, or Disney+, it’s unavailable in certain regions due to copyright issues and licensing challenges. With that in mind, can you go around their geo-blocks? And if so, how do you Unblock SoundCloud if it’s not available in your country?

The easiest and most effective way to unblock SoundCloud is to use a VPN. By choosing the right Virtual Private Network service, you’ll be able to consistently bypass SoundCloud’s geo-blocks and enjoy streaming, among many other useful features a VPN can provide you.

Why Does SoundCloud Block Certain Countries?

As an online streaming platform, SoundCloud features content from music artists from all over the globe. With that in mind, some musicians and companies don’t have the right to publish their content worldwide. In such cases, they’ll only license their content to SoundCloud as a publisher in certain specific regions. Simultaneously, the content will be blocked in all other territories where the artist has chosen to restrict it. 

How to Unblock SoundCloud in your Country? 

Here’s a quick guide on how to unblock SoundCloud in your country:

  1. Sign up with a VPN that can unblock SoundCloud.
  2. Download the appropriate VPN app for your device.
  3. Connect to a server in a country where SoundCloud is available.
  4. Sign up with SoundCloud.
  5. Remember to always connect to a VPN server before accessing SoundCloud.

Following this step-by-step guide is the most effective way to unblock SoundCloud in your country regularly. It’s imperative to remember step number five if you’re using SoundCloud GO+ on your mobile device. This is because opening the mobile app without an active VPN connection could lead to losing your saved offline tracks and having to download them again.

How to Listen to Songs not Available in Your Country on SoundCloud 

Unlike some other major streaming platforms like Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, SoundCloud doesn’t have a system to detect and block IP addresses associated with VPN services. You can freely enjoy streaming music on this platform without any worries of getting banned. 

If you connect to a VPN server and still get prompted with the “This song is not available in your country” message, it might be because the content isn’t available in the country where the VPNs particular server is based. To resolve this, simply choose another server from a nearby country and try again.

How to Unblock Soundcloud at School? 

Even if SoundCloud isn’t geo-restricted in your region, you may still encounter problems when trying to access it at school or work. This is because network administrators often enforce bans on social media and streaming platforms to prevent students and employees from spending too much time on them while at school or work. 

The best way to unblock SoundCloud at school or your workplace is the one we talked about above, and that is to use a VPN. By connecting to a remote VPN server, you’ll be able to bypass your school’s local network ban, as well as any possible geo-restrictions, and enjoy streaming music from SoundCloud at school.

Can SoundCloud Detect a VPN?

No, SoundCloud can’t detect whether or not you’re using a VPN to access their platform. If you’ve had any problems in the past when trying to access SoundCloud with a VPN, it was most likely because of the VPN’s inability to go around SoundCloud’s geo-restrictions.

With that said, this shouldn’t be a problem if you pick a reliable and quality VPN service. Any of the five VPNs mentioned above are very capable of unblocking SoundCloud, and you won’t have any issues accessing SoundCloud with any of them. 

What Features Should you Look for in a VPN to Unblock SoundCloud?

When choosing a suitable VPN to unblock SoundCloud, you should pay attention to several specific factors. The most important features to look for in a VPN to unblock SoundCloud are:

  • Connection Speed and Reliability – When you’re listening to music on SoundCloud, the last thing you want to experience is slow Internet. For this reason, an essential thing to look for is a VPN that can offer you fast server speeds and reliable performance with little to no connection drops.
  • Quality and Quantity of Servers – To effectively avoid geo-blocks, you need to pick a VPN with an extensive and well spread out network of servers. More important than this, the servers should also be where you need them so you can always access SoundCloud through multiple pathways.
  • Robust Security Features – The minimum you should look for when choosing a SoundCloud VPN is 256-bit encryption and a 100% Zero Logs policy. Besides these, additional security features to look for include DNS leak protection and a kill-switch.
  • Intuitive Software and Apps – Aside from offering extra features, a reliable SoundCloud VPN should also be easy to use. Ideally, it should offer multi-platform support and apps you can get around quickly and without much learning.

What Else a VPN Can Do 

A VPN is an extremely convenient tool for unblocking SoundCloud. That said, there are plenty more things a top-quality VPN can do besides unblocking SoundCloud. Here are several more things you can do with a VPN:

  • Unblock Other Streaming Services – Due to licensing and copyright issues, most streaming platforms impose a region-locking system similar to SoundCloud’s. With a VPN, you can unblock any streaming service on the Internet and enjoy unrestricted and unlimited content. 
  • Avoid Region Locks and Censorship – If you live in a heavily-censored country or are a frequent traveler, a VPN can be very useful in helping you avoid censorship and geo-targeted content.
  • Torrent Anonymously – A VPN can be your trustworthy ally if you frequently download files from P2P websites. If you use it while torrenting content, no one (including your ISP) will be able to see what you’re doing or downloading.
  • Protect Your Valuable Data – Safety and privacy features are the most prominent aspects of every VPN. You can use it to protect your valuable personal and financial information and make sure no data gets into the wrong hands.

A Quick Takeaway

SoundCloud provides you with a great platform to enjoy popular songs and discover talented up-and-coming artists and bands. Although its geo-blocking systems might be an unfortunate inconvenience, using any of the five VPN services above will help you bypass the country restrictions on SoundCloud and access your favorite music without much trouble. You just have to choose the one that’s best for you.

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