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Xbox One High Packet Loss – How to Resolve It (Easy Fix)

High Packet Loss On Xbox One

Gaming on Xbox One online allows you to go up against players from all over the world, have fun with your friends and meet new people. Unfortunately, this experience often comes with a long list of challenges, with one of the most frustrating ones being packet loss.

The higher the packet loss, the more hindered your gaming session will be. If you find your sessions lagging or crashing, what can you do to fix packet loss on Xbox One?

You can manually fix the packet loss issue by restarting your router, tailoring user settings, resetting your Xbox, or, if your schedule allows it, avoiding peak time sessions when gaming. Alternatively, you can also improve packet loss with a VPN and enjoy a faster and more stable connection. 

What is Xbox One High Packet Loss?

When playing online games or streaming content through your Xbox One console, you’re continually exchanging data bundles (packets) with the server you’re accessing. Any data that doesn’t make it to its destination is called a packet loss. Packet loss is one of the most severe issues that can affect your connection and make your gaming experience frustrating. High packet loss can manifest in several ways:

  • Connection timeouts
  • Network crashing
  • High ping
  • Latency issues (network jittering)

What Causes Packet Loss on Xbox?

High packet loss on Xbox mainly arises because of network congestion. In other words, this problem occurs when the network can’t accommodate the user traffic and starts losing data in transit in an effort to keep the entire network from crashing.

Apart from network congestion as the most common cause of packet loss on Xbox One consoles, packet loss can also occur because of server-side leaks and improper configuration. 

Additionally, the issues can come from the user’s end as well. Wrong cables, poor channel signal, or network interference can all cause your connection to drop data packets between your console and the game server.

Why Do I Have Xbox One High Packet Loss on a Wired Connection?

If you have high packet loss and your Xbox One is connected to a wired connection, the problem might not be in your network connection but the hardware instead. A faulty router might be causing a delay in your network or slowing down your connection performance. 

What is a Good Packet Loss for Xbox One?

While no gamer wants to experience packet loss on his Xbox One, keep in mind that almost every network encounters packet loss. Although we don’t want to say that there is such a thing as “good packet loss”, there are specific ranking standards that are used to measure packet loss for Xbox One:

  • Packet Loss around or less than 1% is considered good.
  • Losses between 1% and 2.5% are considered acceptable.
  • Packet Losses upwards of 10% are deemed as significantly negative.

Can I Check Packet Loss on My Xbox One?

If you think that your network is underperforming because of high packet loss, the best way to make sure is to check it in your Xbox One network statistics directly. Most users aren’t aware of this option on their Xbox devices, but the process is straightforward. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to check packet loss on your Xbox One:

  1. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  2. Choose the Profile & System tab.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Network Settings
  4. Select the Test Network Speed & Statistics
  5. If the results show you have upstream/downstream packet loss, contact technical support for further assistance.

Xbox One Troubleshooting High Packet Loss

Manually Fix the High Packet Loss

Since packet loss issues on Xbox One can come about for various reasons, you can use many methods to manually resolve this problem. Here’s are the most effective ways to fix packet loss on your Xbox One manually:

  • Restart your Router – Although the classic “restart your router” IT tip has become a meme by this point, it’s still a very effective way of resolving many connection issues. Starting up your router again can help resolve little bugs and issues that may have affected your connection.
  • Disconnect your Xbox One – In line with the previous tip, manually disconnecting your Xbox One from your home network can also help resolve the issue of high packet loss. This is because it will allow your device to reboot without any of the pre-existing errors it had on your connection. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, applying a hard reset might prove more successful.
  • Switch to a Wired Connection – The wired connection in your home is inherently much faster than your wireless connection. Connecting your Xbox one directly to the router with an Ethernet cable will help it transmit the data at a much higher speed.
  • Avoid Gaming at Peak Server Times – The least fun way of fixing high packet loss, but also a very effective one. Avoiding peak session times when the servers are overcrowded pretty much guarantees you a smoother and more stable gaming experience.

Use a VPN to Fix High Packet Loss

If the problem arose due to your local connection’s inefficiency or because your ISP is throttling your bandwidth, a VPN may help improve your network’s speed and resolve packet loss issues on your Xbox One. Here’s how to fix packet loss on Xbox One with a VPN:

  1. Sign up with a VPN (NordVPN is best for gaming)
  2. Connect your router or your PC to the VPN
  3. If you choose the latter option, make sure to link your Xbox One to route the connection through your PC.
  4. Launch up the game and enjoy!

Note that, in some cases, using a VPN for gaming can slow down your connection and lead to higher ping. However, this is only a problem if you connect to a server that is far away on the other part of the globe. If you stick to nearby servers or those without much traffic, you won’t experience any noticeable adverse effects on your network performance.

If you’re considering purchasing a VPN for gaming, NordVPN can help bring your online gaming experience to the next level. Aside from being an effective tool for fixing Xbox One packet loss, NordVPN is useful for various gaming purposes. It can also bypass ISP bandwidth throttling, unblock servers in other countries and keep your data traffic safe from online threats that persist in gaming, namely DDoS attacks.


XBox One high packet loss can be fixed by simply restarting either the router or your device. Sometimes, when this does not work, this usually means that your ISP can throttle your gaming traffic. A VPN in this case would be the best solution as it can bypass ISP throttling and fix the packet loss.

Here are the best VPNs for Xbox to try to lower ping and have a better gaming experience:

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