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Author: Tim Mocan

Best Torrent Clients
10 Best Torrent Clients, Downloaders in 2023

Torrent downloaders are vital while downloading torrents. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a good torrent client, as many of them are not easy to use and are buggy, slow down your speeds, or are not secure.  So, we decided to test the most popular torrent clients out there to see which ones provide the […]

Tim Mocan
30 Aug 2022
Why VPN keeps disconnecting
Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting? (Quick Fixes)

VPNs are excellent security tools, and top providers usually work very well. As in they provide fast speeds, apps that work well, and excellent torrenting and streaming support. However, even the best VPNs sometimes experience connectivity issues. So why do some VPNs keep disconnecting? Your VPN keeps disconnecting due to slow internet connections, an outdated […]

Tim Mocan
27 Jul 2022
What Is the L2TP/IPSec Tunneling Protocol? (Quick Guide)

L2TP is a tunneling protocol used to create VPN connections. It used to be more popular a few years ago, but a lot of VPN providers have stopped supporting this protocol. Keep reading to find out why, and to learn how this protocol works and how to manually set it up on your device. What […]

Tim Mocan
25 Jun 2022
Raspberry PI VPN
How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi VPN Server 

Raspberry Pi devices have many cool use cases, like using them as media centers or retro gaming machines. However, on their own, they don’t provide much online security, so it’s important to run a Raspberry Pi VPN on the device.  Also, if you want secure remote access to your home, you could turn your Raspberry […]

Tim Mocan
19 Jun 2022
Best Lifetime VPN
What’s the Best Lifetime VPN? (Are Lifetime VPNs Safe?)

A lifetime VPN subscription is, in theory, a VPN you pay for once and can use for the rest of your life. Many people like lifetime subscriptions because they’re affordable and seem to provide really good value.  However, lifetime subscriptions aren’t always for real. Many of them are scams, or the VPN provider uses vague […]

Tim Mocan
24 May 2022
Best VPN
What Is a VPN Concentrator? (Quick & In-Depth Guide)

This is a pretty complicated topic, so let’s start with a simple VPN concentrator definition. A VPN concentrator is a networking device that establishes and maintains tons of VPN connections at the same time. It does what a normal virtual private network does but on a much larger scale. VPN concentrators are hardware devices that […]

Tim Mocan
06 May 2022
Best VPN for Binance
7 Top Binance VPNs That Work in the US (Tested & Confirmed)

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. While it’s available in 100+ countries, it’s banned in places like the US, Singapore, and Ontario, Canada. The best way to access the site in those regions is to use a VPN. But can you actually use a VPN with Binance? Yes, since […]

Tim Mocan
04 May 2022
Best VPN
The 5 Best Ukraine VPNs — Get a Ukrainian IP Address

The best way to get a Ukrainian IP or protect your online privacy in Ukraine is to use a VPN with Ukraine servers. The service will hide your IP, secure your traffic, and help you bypass censorship. Plus, it will let you unblock geo-restricted sites anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, not many VPNs have Ukraine […]

Tim Mocan
12 Apr 2022
Best VPN for uTorrent
6 Best VPNs for uTorrent (Secure & Fast)

The best way to use uTorrent safely is to use it together with a VPN since it will secure your P2P traffic and IP address. In addition, a uTorrent VPN will help you access torrent sites that are blocked on your network or in your country. uTorrent works with pretty much any VPN. That said, […]

Tim Mocan
09 Apr 2022
Best VPN for Singapore
7 Best VPNs for Singapore (Fast and Secure)

A VPN for Singapore is the best way to access censored sites and protect your P2P traffic. A Singapore VPN also allows expats to access geo-blocked titles on foreign streaming sites. And with a VPN, you can also binge your favorite Singaporean shows and movies, which might not be available abroad. While there are dozens […]

Tim Mocan
30 Mar 2022