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Author: Tejas Nair

Is Torrenting Illegal
Is Torrenting Illegal? How to Not Get Caught While Torrenting

Know if torrenting is illegal in your country. We explain torrents, how it works, if it is safe, and ways to avoid getting caught using a VPN. Click here.

Tejas Nair
16 Sep 2022
Does VPN protect you from hackers
Does a VPN Protect You from Hackers in 2023?

VPNs are excellent security tools, but does a VPN prevent hacking? Read our in-depth guide to find out if and how VPNs can protect you from hackers.

Tejas Nair
21 Jun 2022
Is tor safe
Is Tor Safe to Use in 2023? Only if You Do This…

Is Tor browser safe – Find out more about Tor, the free and open-source onion software that makes you anonymous. Find out how good Tor is. Click here.

Tejas Nair
22 Feb 2022
VPN Passthrough on Router
What is VPN Passthrough on Router – Do You Need It?

What is router VPN passthrough and its advantages? If you use PPTP, IPSec, L2TP VPN protocols in your Netgear or Linksys router, you need it. Find out why.

Tejas Nair
17 Jan 2022
Is Popcorn Time Safe without VPN
Is Popcorn Time Safe and Legal? How to Watch Safely in 2023?

Popcorn Time is 100% safe if you download it from the official site & use a VPN. Popcorn Software is safe but using without VPN means trouble. Find out more.

Tejas Nair
09 Oct 2021
Best EliteTorrent Alternatives
10 Best EliteTorrent Alternatives in 2023

EliteTorrent alternatives: Check out the 10 best EliteTorrent alternatives for Spanish version of movies & TV shows. Better than fake EliteTorrent mirrors.

Tejas Nair
05 Sep 2021
best vpn with socks5
6 Best VPNs with SOCKS5

With different types of Internet protocols available for public use, hiding your IP and bypassing website blocks have become increasingly easier today.

Tejas Nair
18 Apr 2021
List of VPN Port Numbers
List of VPN Port Numbers that VPN Companies Use (2023 Update)

A VPN port is a virtual point used by a VPN connection to send and receive traffic. When you surf the web using a VPN, your browser sends your web requests and receives the responses (traffic) via a VPN port. This optimizes tunneling and encryption, while also ensuring that your traffic reaches the intended destination. […]

Tejas Nair
23 Jun 2019