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Is Hola VPN Safe? Much Better Hola VPN Alternatives in 2022

is hola vpn safe

Hola, the globally-known Israel-based VPN service, has well over a hundred million subscribers. Despite the privacy and security concerns closely attached to its name, Hola remains a prevalent choice for online users looking for a free VPN service. 

Since it was founded in 2007, Hola was always marked by a troubled reputation of being unsafe or even dangerous. It was prone to hacker exploits, third-party attacks, and many other problems. With that in mind, is Hola VPN legit and safe in 2022? And, if not, what are the best free Hola VPN alternatives to make sure you’re secure and private online?

If you want to be sure that you’re always safe online, purchasing a paid VPN is the best way to go about it. Plus, if you opt for a top service like NordVPN, you can still use it for free. This is because NordVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you want to stick to exclusively free Hola VPN alternatives, here are your best options:


  1. AtlasVPN – fast VPN with available free servers inside the app
  2. ProtonVPN – Solid speeds with 3 available servers.
  3. Windscribe – Supports unlimited connections with 10GB/month.
  4. TunnelBear – Simple to use and very intuitive.
  5. Hide.Me – Very safe and ad-free.

Is Hola VPN Safe?

No, Hola isn’t a trustworthy and safe VPN service. This service promises you great features, such as powerful unlocking, unlimited bandwidth, and no ads, all of this for free. But, all of this comes with one significant downside. Hola doesn’t do the main thing all VPNs are supposed to do – keep you safe and private.

A significant drawback of Hola’s service is that you share your bandwidth with all other users on Hola’s network. This means that your connection speeds are slower or faster depending on how many users are online when you use the VPN.  But, what’s even more worrying than this is that you have no control of what goes over the network, so any and all illegal activities could be traced back to your actual IP address.

The worst thing about all of this is that most Hola users don’t suspect anything before being hit. From Hola VPN botnet to DDoS attacks, the service is a prime target for malicious behavior. 

But, the problems with this VPN don’t only stem from the outside. Hola logs almost everything you do while using their service. From your IP address to the sites you visit, your browser type, and much more. On top of all of this, Hola also explains that they can share the data they gather with their partners, affiliates, and third parties. 

In contrast to this, a reliable and trusted VPN, like NordVPN, doesn’t log anything. Nothing to store means there’s nothing to share with anyone. This is always something you should strive for. 

Should You Use A Free VPN?

If you have a tight budget and don’t need a robust VPN service for everyday use, signing up with a free VPN might seem like a good way of going about it. But, before you sign up with the first free VPN you come across, you must never forget that all VPN services are in the business of making money. 

Some free VPNs earn a profit by displaying ads in their apps. Others, like Hola, employ shadier methods, such as collecting your data and sharing it with third parties. Always make an educated decision to make sure you avoid the latter kind.

While in-app ads are annoying, at least you’ll know you’re safe and that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. Although many free VPNs aren’t safe, the ones we’ve highlighted on this page are entirely legit and trusted.

NordVPN – Our Top VPN Pick

NordVPN is everything a VPN service should be. It provides a vast RAM-disk server network with excellent server speeds and sophisticated security settings. Despite all of its features, it’s super easy to use. Most importantly, it doesn’t keep any logs and doesn’t share any information with anyone.

Besides being one of the most robust VPNs on the market, NordVPN is also one of the most budget-friendly services. You can purchase a long-term subscription for a little more than a couple of bucks per month. 

While it’s not technically free, you can use it without any financial risks or costs. As we underlined before, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can purchase a one-month plan to try out their service, use it until the last day of your subscription and get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied, without any questions asked.

The Best Free VPN Alternatives to Hola

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the most transparent and open VPN services in the industry. Even if you opt for their free plan, you’ll always know what you’re signing up for. And, what you’re getting with ProtonVPN is one free VPN connection, medium-speed servers in three countries, and a strict no-logs policy. On top of all this, ProtonVPN is one of the very few trusted VPNs that offer unlimited bandwidth with its free plan.

ProtonVPN’s free plan isn’t the best choice for unblocking streaming sites, but it’s the perfect option for those looking for a VPN that emphasizes privacy and security. The service is based in Switzerland and is backed up by strong and secure encryption.

2. Windscribe

Windscribe is likely the best free VPN for unblocking streaming sites, as you can even unblock Netflix while using its 10GB/month free subscription plan. With their free subscription plan, you get access to over ten countries, providing you with enough freedom for unrestricted Internet use.

With so many great features, you might ask yourself if Windscribe has any hidden aspects that would negate all of these benefits. Luckily, it doesn’t come with any parts that would be deal-breakers for those who want a reliable free VPN. Windscribe’s biggest drawback is its average connection speeds, but this is expected when using every VPN service.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear has one of the most unique and interesting themes revolving around adorable privacy-friendly bears. But underneath the cutesy design lies a superb free VPN service free from any ads and with a 100% zero-log policy. TunnelBear makes VPN use simple and straightforward. It is an excellent starter VPN for beginners looking for a free service. 

The most significant limitation of TunnelBear is its very low bandwidth cap, at only 500MB every month. This makes the service unsuitable for streaming, as you’ll blow through it reasonably quickly. But, if you’re traveling or using unknown public hotspot connections, TunnelBear can keep you safe and private everywhere you go.

4. Hide.Me

Hide.Me is undoubtedly one of the best free VPN alternatives to Hola. It comes with many features that could hold its ground even when compared to paid VPN services. Hide.Me doesn’t keep any logs of user activities. Another convenient part of its free VPN plan is that you won’t be bombarded with any ads whatsoever while using its service.

Additionally, it’s helpful to know that you can count on a full customer support service, even though you’re using Hide.Me entirely for free. Like most trusted free VPNs, this service’s most significant disadvantage is its relatively limited monthly bandwidth of 10GB. But, if you’re a casual user who needs a safe VPN a couple of times per month, it will do the job perfectly. 

Best Hola VPN Alternative Services – Summing It Up

Hola comes with many concerns that simply aren’t worth the bother. To be completely objective, it does work for unblocking websites. But, the overwhelming drawbacks make Hola VPN dangerous and not worth your time. This service doesn’t protect your traffic or keep you private and safe online. Moreover, there are many logging concerns, as we’ve explained above.

With all of this in mind, using a free VPN service doesn’t inherently have to draw negative aspects. That said, you have to realize that reliable free VPN services will always be limited in some form compared to their premium paid counterparts

The best free VPN alternatives for Hola we talked about on this page are more than capable of providing you with safe and reliable service, with specific bandwidth or feature limitations. Of course, if you don’t want to miss out on any features, we recommend you sign up with NordVPN and enjoy an unlimited, private, and safe online experience.

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