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Does Astrill VPN Work With Netflix in 2024? +Alternatives

astrill vpn netflix

Astrill VPN is known for its great ability to bypass firewalls and work in highly authoritarian countries. But, does this ability also translate to unblocking Netflix and other streaming sites? Can you use Astrill VPN to unblock different Netflix libraries and enjoy shows and movies from various regions?

In this detailed Astrill VPN Netflix overview, we’ll share with you the details we’ve uncovered after testing Astrill VPN’s ability to unblock Netflix. You’ll also learn how to set up the service, workaround tips on resolving common issues, and more helpful information.

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Does Astrill VPN Work With Netflix?

The good news is that Astrill VPN can unblock Netflix. The bad news is that it can only reliably do so when it comes to American Netflix. If you want to unblock other libraries apart from the U.S. one, such as those in the U.K., Japan, or Germany, you’d have to use a different VPN.

That said, since Astrill VPN can unblock American Netflix without any issues, it also means it performs very well for accessing other US streaming services. You can use this service to unblock Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and other U.S. library versions of popular streaming platforms.

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How to Watch Netflix With Astrill VPN?

If you want to use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix, here’s how you can set up this VPN on your device of choice:

  1. Subscribe to Astrill VPN and download the app for the device you want to use.
  1. Once the app is installed, open it and log in.
  1. Your VPN connection will automatically be on by default, but you can browse servers and pick the one you want to connect to.
  1. Wait for a few seconds for a connection to be established.
  1. Open the Netflix app or load up the site in your browser and start streaming!

Astrill Netflix Not Working? — Here’s What You Can Do

While you generally won’t have any issues unblocking American Netflix, sometimes you might find Astrill Netflix not working even in this region. Luckily, there are several things you can try to fix the issue and unblock US Netflix:

Switch Servers

Switching VPN servers is the quickest workaround to overcome connectivity problems when trying to watch Netflix with Astrill VPN. Netflix’s geo-blocking is based on IP addresses, and it actively blocks known VPN IP addresses. 

By switching servers, you aim to obtain a new, unblocked IP address. This can help you bypass Netflix’s geo-blocking and watch content in different regions.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Clearing cookies and cache when you find Astrill not working with Netflix can help fix issues related to location tracking. Netflix uses cookies and cached data to determine your geographic location, and this may conflict with your VPN’s desired region. 

By clearing these, you reset Netflix’s knowledge of your real whereabouts. To do this, go to your browser settings and clear cookies and cached data. Restart the browser and Astrill VPN, connect to a server in the desired region, and revisit the streaming platform.

Switch VPN Protocols

Switching VPN protocols when you find Astrill not working with Netflix involves changing the method by which your VPN encrypts and routes your traffic. Conveniently, Astrill VPN supports a long list of protocols.

If one protocol is blocked by Netflix, switching to another may bypass the restriction. To do this, go to your VPN client settings, select an alternative protocol, and reconnect. Some protocols, like OpenVPN, are known for their versatility and ability to handle streaming. 

Contact Astrill VPN’s Support

Contacting the support team when Astrill VPN isn’t unblocking Netflix involves reaching out to your VPN service’s customer support team for assistance. Like most reputable VPN providers, Astrill offers 24/7 customer support. 

You can describe the issue you’re facing with Netflix, and the support team can guide you through potential solutions, recommend better servers, or provide any updates. In some cases, they can also inform you of any ongoing Netflix-related issues and suggest a workaround to fix the issue.

Astrill VPN Netflix Alternatives — Best Streaming VPNs

If you want comprehensive access to different Netflix content libraries, it’s clear that Astrill VPN is far from the best pick for the task. So, to save you time on research and help you make sure you pick a reliable service, we’ll go over the five best VPN providers you can use to stream Netflix:

  • NordVPN — NordVPN is the best VPN for Netflix money can buy. This service is the top performer in terms of Netflix unblocking, streaming speeds, and selection of servers. Its apps are very easy to use, and its support staff is arguably the best in the industry.
  • Surfshark — Whether you’re on a budget or want a VPN that offers many connections, Surfshark passes these criteria with flying colors. With unlimited devices, affordable price plans, and strong Netflix unblocking capabilities, it’s easily one of the top picks you can get for this streaming service in 2024.
  • PrivateVPN — PrivateVPN’s strength as a streaming service comes from its speed on remote connections and great network stability. When it comes to the latter, the service has an uptime of 99.98%. So, whether you’re unblocking the U.S. library from the U.K., or vice versa, you can count on stable and fast speeds without any drops.
  • Atlas VPN — Atlas VPN is an affordable but capable VPN that can unblock Netflix in various regions worldwide. It has streaming-optimized servers in over a dozen countries, allowing seamless Netflix unblocking. The service even offers a limited free plan with a couple of streaming-optimized servers you can use to stream Netflix shows.

Free VPNs For Netflix — Should You Use These?

The five VPN services listed above are the best ones you can get if you want to watch Netflix abroad and unblock many different libraries. But, not every Netflix user wants to pay for another subscription on top of their Netflix plan. From that perspective, free VPN services often seem appealing to many Netflix users.

The most obvious advantage of these services are the cost savings – these providers are entirely free to use. For users looking to access Netflix without incurring additional expenses, this can be appealing. 

Additionally, free VPN services can help you maintain a certain level of online anonymity, as they mask your IP address and encrypt your data. This can be crucial for privacy-conscious users. 

However, the drawbacks of free Netflix providers are significant and outweigh the benefits. Some of the most significant issues are performance and speed. Free VPN services typically have limited options in terms of servers, and they are often overcrowded with users. This results in slow connection speeds and, consequently, poor streaming quality on Netflix.

Reliability is another concern with free providers. They are less reliable than paid services and can frequently suffer downtime or disconnections. These disruptions can be a nuisance during Netflix streaming sessions and will often force you to restart or reconnect to the VPN repeatedly.

In the same breath, Netflix actively blocks many IP addresses associated with free VPN services. While you might find one that works for a while, it’s likely to stop functioning due to Netflix’s efforts to block it.

Lastly, security risks are a major drawback that should never be overlooked. Some free VPN providers compromise user security and privacy by logging user data, injecting ads into your browsing experience, or even distributing malware. Some services even base their entire business models around collecting and selling user information.

Considering all of this, it’s always advisable to opt for a reputable paid VPN service that invests in maintaining infrastructure and addressing streaming issues. With a premium provider, you will get better performance, Netflix unblocking, and strong data protection features.

What Else Is Astrill VPN Good For? — A Quick Feature Overview

For now, Astrill VPN can unblock American Netflix fairly reliably and can be a suitable pick for online users who just want to unblock the US version of this streaming platform. That said, to better understand Astrill VPN’s other strengths, let’s go over a few of its most notable features.

Astrill VPN supports several top-quality protocols. This includes OpenVPN, WireGuard, StealthVPN, and half a dozen other protocols. The service offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited simultaneous connections. 

In terms of security and privacy, Astrill VPN ensures user safety by not keeping any activity logs and utilizing features like its kill switch and App Guard. It also supports port forwarding, Onion over VPN, and Multi-Hop connections. This makes it a superb pick for users who want maximum anonymity when browsing and those who regularly torrent.

But, Astrill VPN’s arguably strongest feature is its ability to work in China. This service is one of the best in the business in this regard. This is mainly thanks to its StealthVPN technology, which obfuscates your Internet traffic and helps you bypass robust firewalls like the Great Firewall of China.

Astrill VPN’s Steep Prices — A Potentially Major Downside

Astrill VPN is a solid VPN service overall. While it’s certainly not among the best Netflix picks, it can serve as a quality service on other fronts. That said, this VPN’s price tag is a major downside that will, understandably, turn off many potential users.

Namely, this VPN is by far the most expensive service we’ve reviewed so far, with significantly higher prices compared to its competitors. Astrill VPN’s monthly plan is a whopping $30 per month, over twice as much as what you’ll pay with other services.

Moreover, the prices aren’t so favorable even on long-term plans. If you opt for a one-year plan and pay upfront, the monthly subscription totals $15 per month. The service also offers a two-year plan, which will cost you $12.50 a month. 

Compared to other premium services, which offer multi-year plans valued at a little over a couple of bucks, Astrill is not very competitive on this front. Considering the overall value for money of Astrill VPN’s service, there are many other better options.

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Astrill VPN Netflix FAQs:

Is Astrill VPN free?

No, Astrill VPN doesn’t offer any free plans. It’s a premium VPN provider with some of the most expensive VPN plans in the industry. Its subscription plans range from $12.50 to $30 depending on the length of the plan you select.

Can I install Astrill VPN on my router?

Yes, Astrill VPN does support installation on routers. If you have an ASUS Merlin or DD-WRT  router, you can set up this VPN on it. Keep in mind that if you set up Astrill VPN on your router, you’ll only be able to use the OpenVPN and RouterPro protocols.

Is it legal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Using a VPN for Netflix is entirely legal. However, it does violate Netflix’s terms of service. So, while you won’t get in any trouble with the law (providing VPN use is legal in your country), Netflix will likely restrict you for using a VPN.

Can my ISP know if I’m using Astrill VPN?

Yes, your ISP can detect when you use Astrill VPN. While it encrypts your traffic and masks your IP address, the fact that you’re connecting to a VPN server is still visible to your ISP. However, they cannot decrypt the data, as the VPN tunnel hides it. 

Does Astrill VPN offer dedicated servers for Netflix unblocking?

Astrill VPN does offer dedicated IPs in well over a dozen countries worldwide. That said, these servers aren’t specifically optimized for Netflix unblocking. So, while you will have a private IP, this doesn’t guarantee better Netflix unblocking performance.

Should You Use Astrill VPN For Netflix? — Conclusion

Ultimately, Astrill VPN shouldn’t be among your top picks if you want to watch Netflix, especially if you want to explore more libraries apart from the US one. Although this service comes with many quality features, it is simply not a VPN that can compete very well in terms of streaming.

With that in mind, we would recommend signing up with any of the five alternatives listed above. Still, if you want the best VPN for unblocking Netflix and other streaming sites, NordVPN is our top choice.

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