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Does PureVPN Work With Netflix in 2024? Is It Still Good?

PureVPN Netflix

During its 15+ year history, PureVPN has been a reliable choice for unblocking Netflix in various regions. But, as fewer and fewer VPNs can keep up with Netflix’s geo-blocking practices nowadays, how adept is it at accessing this popular VoD service today? Learn whether PureVPN is still a good Netflix VPN in 2024!

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Does PureVPN Work With Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN works with Netflix. You can use PureVPN to access this streaming service in many different regions. You can access Netflix libraries in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, among other countries.

Overall, PureVPN is an above-average VPN for Netflix, as it is among the more capable services for unblocking Netflix in various regions. Besides using PureVPN for Netflix, its excellent features and diverse server network make it a great pick for many other activities. 

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How to Watch Netflix With PureVPN – A Step-By-Step Guide

Setting up PureVPN for Netflix won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, and you only need basic technical knowledge to do so. With that in mind, I’ve prepared a quick four-step guide that will lead you through this process. Here’s how to watch Netflix with PureVPN:

  1. Choose a suitable PureVPN plan and sign up.
PureVPN Subscription selection
  1. Download the app for your device and log in.
PureVPN connected to the VPN server
  1. Connect to a VPN server of your choice.
PureVPN's streaming server list
  1. Open the Netflix app or website and start streaming!
Netflix unblocked using PureVPN

PureVPN Netflix Alternatives

Although PureVPN is a solid Netflix VPN that offers enough for most users, it’s not the best around, as you can get more capable providers for your money. Here are some of the best Netflix VPN alternatives you can use instead of PureVPN:

  1. NordVPN — NordVPN is the best Netflix VPN overall. It’s the fastest VPN around and the top pick for everyone who wants to stream on Netflix in 4K. Its server network offers great connectivity, and powerful features such as its NordLynx protocol guarantee a smooth and stable online experience for streaming and more.
  2. Surfshark — Surfshark is an excellent alternative for users who want a fast VPN and appreciate the convenience of having unlimited simultaneous connections at their disposal. Moreover, Surfshark is among the most affordable services around, so it’s a superb pick for everyone on a tight budget.
  3. AtlasVPN — Similar to Surfshark, Atlas VPN offers unlimited connections and budget-friendly subscription plans. And, while it’s not as fast as Surfshark or NordVPN, it offers streaming-optimized servers in over a dozen countries.
  4. ExpressVPN — Lastly, Express VPN is a great service for users who want a premium VPN and are prepared a little extra for it. ExpressVPN is among the priciest services in the business but delivers fast and stable speeds. It’s also more capable of bypassing Netflix geo-restrictions in various regions than PureVPN.

What are the Best PureVPN Servers to Stream Netflix?

PureVPN streaming server's list

Unlike some other top Netflix services, PureVPN doesn’t list specific server locations in its server section. However, it can be a very convenient feature in its app that automatically chooses the best server for a specific Netflix region.

In the server tab, you can find a ”Shortcuts” subsection. There, you can create your own Custom Shortcuts and browse Famous Shortcuts (useful server locations for specific services). Focusing on the latter, this Famous Shortcuts section allows you to conveniently connect to the best PureVPN server in one of the popular Netflix regions.

To be more specific, the PureVPN app offers seven shortcuts that include Netflix-optimized locations in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, and Australia. With these options, you can easily access any of these regions and enjoy smooth HD streaming.

PureVPN Not Working With Netflix — Troubleshooting Tips

Setting up and using PureVPN for Netflix is pretty straightforward. That said, you might run into issues from time to time, so it’s useful to know a few tricks that will help you fix them promptly. Here are a few things you can try to gain access to Netflix when you find that PureVPN is unable to unblock it:

Use PureVPN’s Special Servers

As I’ve mentioned above, PureVPN offers special streaming servers in its “Famous Shortcuts” section. I recommend picking servers in this list right off the bat. But, if you’ve previously picked a regular server and find that it’s not working, switching to one of these servers can fix the issue.

During my extensive test of PureVPN’s servers, I found that all of these special servers accessed Netflix without much trouble. So, if you want to reliably bypass restrictions, I recommend always using these servers. That is if you want to access Netflix in a country in which PureVPN offers these special servers.

Clear Cookies and Cache and Use Your Web Browser

This can be a useful fix if you’re primarily watching Netflix through the app. You can switch your access method and use a browser to log into Netflix and view content that way. In this case, you don’t even have to use the PureVPN app, as you can change your location through the PureVPN browser extension.

To be extra sure that this works, clear your browser’s cookies and cache. By clearing cookies and cache, you effectively remove any stored location information, allowing your VPN to establish a new, anonymous connection. 

This can help bypass Netflix’s restrictions and enable PureVPN to work seamlessly with Netflix, as it prevents Netflix from recognizing your true location.

Reach Out to PureVPN Customer Support

Lastly, reaching out to customer support when PureVPN isn’t working can often help resolve the issue. VPN services frequently update servers and configurations to bypass Netflix restrictions. Customer support can provide insights into these changes, recommend working servers, and assist with setup. 

Moreover, if Netflix suspects unauthorized access due to VPN usage, support can help verify your account, preventing disruptions. Lastly, the provider’s support can offer guidance on using PureVPN securely, enhancing online privacy and security. 

Can PureVPN Access Other Netflix Libraries?

You can use PureVPN servers to access the leading Netflix libraries, but what if you want to venture into smaller less popular regions? The good news is that PureVPN can still access many other smaller Netflix regions.

That said, it’s not as reliable in this as it is when you’re using its special servers. You’re more likely to run into geo-blocking than with its main streaming servers. With this in mind, it’s a great pick for unblocking major regions, but might not be the best option for bypassing regional restrictions in less popular locations.

PureVPN Netflix Streaming Performance — How Fast Is This Netflix Service?

PureVPN offers above-average speeds and is more than capable of supporting Full HD streaming on Netflix. In the table below, you can see how the best PureVPN servers for Netflix performed in various locations:

Netflix Server LocationPureVPN Download SpeedPureVPN Upload Speed
Netflix America70 Mbps15 Mbps
Netflix Canada72 Mbps16 Mbps
Netflix GB81 Mbps18 Mbps
Netflix Australia66 Mbps13 Mbps
*This PureVPN speed test was performed from a European base server location with a 100/20 Mbps connection speed.

Additionally, PureVPN’s apps offer a convenient ping tracker next to all of the available servers. The servers are sorted ascendingly by their ping numbers. This enables you to pick the fastest servers and ensure smooth streaming speeds.

Is PureVPN a Good Choice for Netflix?

PureVPN is a solid service for Netflix, but it’s safe to say that it’s not among the best picks you can use for this purpose. PureVPN can access most major Netflix libraries and even has quick server options you can connect to to access American Netflix and a few other locations. On the other hand, it still struggles to unblock some regions.

Of course, while this places it in the higher tier of Netflix services, there are some still arguments for using an alternative service. If you want a broader selection of Netflix regional libraries or want to watch content in 4K, there are better picks. Namely, I would recommend using NordVPN as the best VPN for Netflix. 

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PureVPN Netflix FAQs

What’s the best VPN for Netflix?

NordVPN is still the best VPN for Netflix. It boasts a vast network of servers worldwide, including numerous servers optimized for streaming. With NordVPN, you can reliably access multiple Netflix libraries, including the U.S., UK, and others. 

Can PureVPN unblock U.S. Netflix content?

Yes, PureVPN has been known to successfully access US Netflix content. By connecting to one of PureVPN’s U.S. servers, users can bypass geo-restrictions and access the extensive library of movies and TV shows available on Netflix in the United States. 

Can I use a free VPN to access Netflix?

No, using a free VPN to access Netflix is generally not advisable. Most free VPN services lack the necessary resources to reliably unblock Netflix. Moreover, free VPNs often have slow speeds, limited server options, and may compromise your privacy.

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