What is VPN browser extension and what does it do (5 best)

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In order to keep your browsing activities private, hide IP address and unblock content and stream videos a VPN browser extension is a great plugin to do all that. Besides native VPN applications, a VPN browser extension is offered by many well known and trustworthy VPN services for better user experience online. But what exactly a VPN browser extension is and what does it do?

What is a VPN browser extension

A VPN browser extension is a simple browser plugin (add-on) that is used for making a quick and easy connection to a VPN server. It is very user-friendly and usually used instead of a VPN application to securely route internet traffic from your browser via a VPN server while keeping your online browsing private.

What does a VPN browser extension do

A VPN browser extension can be installed on any browser – Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Edge and since it is a lightweight version of a VPN application that only works on a browser. It allows to easily connect to a VPN server and encrypts all internet traffic from and to your browser hiding your location and IP address. It must be noted that a VPN browser plugin only works on a browser, and internet traffic that is made by other applications such as torrents, games or other tools, is not encrypted. Some VPN browser extensions have additional functionality that also blocks from a common VPN leak called WebRTC leak and some might even block from malicious websites and stop ad tracking.

Are VPN browser extensions safe

Not all VPN browser extensions are safe and you need to be careful when choosing one. Standalone browser plugins that are not related to any trustworthy VPN service are usually unsafe. Many of them are free and they are nothing more than proxies. Free VPN browser extensions business model is to collect your browsing data and sell it to advertisers or third parties.

A safe VPN browser extension is the one that is created by a well known and trustworthy VPN service that does not keep any logs. Let’s take a look at what safe and best VPN browser extensions are available on the market.

What are the best VPN extensions for Chrome

These are one of the best VPN browser extensions on the market that actually are great not only for Chrome but for FireFox as well. Here are the best 5 VPN browser extensions:


Well performing VPN extension by one of the best and trustworthy VPNs on the market. This VPN browser extension has WebRTC leak blocking and a branded CyberSec feature that protects from malicious websites and intrusive ads. Smooth UI and very easy to use interface with the possibility to search for a specific location. Id does not have a feature to select a server for streaming, but NordVPN does not even need that since Netflix US works flawlessly.

  • Very easy to use and smooth UI
  • Flawless streaming (Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, …)
  • Amazing speeds
  • WebRTC protection
  • AdBlocker and malware protection
  • Does not have extensive features like add to favorites or instant streaming server selection


CyberGhost offers a free Chrome VPN extension, however with very limited capabilities. It has only 4 countries available to connect and does not offer servers for streaming Netflix US or torrenting capabilities. It’s the best choice if you just want to browse the internet securely, however, the CyberGhost native app offers even stronger encryption, streaming and torrenting and a huge server network with more than 90 countries.

  • Completely FREE
  • Good for browsing
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap plan to upgrade for application
  • WebRTC protection
  • Only 4 locations to select from
  • No streaming or torrenting support
  • Very limited functionality compared to their native app


PureVPN’s browser extension is great for streaming since it has a functionality to connect to the servers that allow your favorite streaming services such as Netflix US, Hulu or BBC iPlayer to be accessible within seconds. Great and fast connection and browsing speeds, no IP leaks, and additional WebRTC protection. Possibility to choose a country and add it to favorites as well makes it a great Chrome VPN extension.

  • Popular website selection
  • Great for streaming (Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, …)
  • Fast connection and browsing speeds
  • WebRTC protection
  • No AddBlocker or malware protection


TorGuard VPN browser extension is highly customizable and has the most extensive functionality. It allows you to choose encryption type, change the port number and configure additional proxies. It also has a geo faking function as well as the AdBlock feature. It allows connections in multiple locations while keeping its browsing speeds fast. With many available US servers tested, streaming Netflix did not work with this extension.

  • Highly customizable
  • Allows to select encryption type and ports
  • Great speeds and fast connections
  • Additional proxy setup and block list
  • Lot’s of locations to connect
  • Streaming Netflix did not work
  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee


In addition to WebRTC leak protection, the ZenMate VPN browser extension has advanced features such as tracking and malware protection. It also offers a Smart Location feature that allows you to set up a specific location when visiting particular websites such as Netflix US. However, even though it had a useful functionality to connect to streaming services, unfortunately, could not get Netflix US to work, but browsing speeds were really great.

  • Smart Location feature
  • Advanced AdBlock and malware protection
  • WebRTC protection
  • Streaming Netflix did not work

How do I add a VPN extension to Chrome

To add any VPN extension to a Chrome browser is very easy and you can follow these steps:

  1. First, open Chrome browser
  2. Go to Chrome extension webstore at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions
  3. Search for the VPN browser extension
  4. Click Add to Chrome and confirm clicking Add Extension button

It is that simple, your Chrome VPN extension will be installed and ready for use within seconds.

Final thoughts

A VPN browser extension is an easy to use and lightweight application that works on your browser. It allows quickly and easily to access unblocked content while keeping your online activities hidden and safe. It is best to use VPN extensions when frequently browsing or streaming online.

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