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10 Best EliteTorrent Alternatives in 2024

Best EliteTorrent Alternatives

EliteTorrent was a popular Spanish BitTorrent site that featured Spanish version of international movies, TV shows, video games, and software. Although its troubles started in 2015 due to Spain’s new anti-piracy law, EliteTorrent.net permanently shut down only in 2017. This created a vacuum for Spaniards and other Spanish-speaking netizens globally who had to look for EliteTorrent alternatives.

Screenshot of the original EliteTorrent website

While several substitute sites with the EliteTorrent tag exist today, we cannot verify their authenticity. We don’t recommend using these mirrors as they are most likely not affiliated with the original EliteTorrent team.

This is why we suggest using any of these 10 dependable EliteTorrent alternatives in 2024 and beyond. We have featured both Spanish and global BitTorrent sites for your P2P content consumption.

Note – EliteTorrent is not to be confused with EliteTorrents, an American BitTorrent website that was shut down in 2005 through Operation D-Elite. EliteTorrent is sometimes also called “Torrent Elite”.

Warning – The EliteTorrent.net domain now hosts pornographic content. We don’t recommend accessing it.

Safe and Trusted Alternatives to EliteTorrent

EliteTorrent was known for its tile display, abundant Spanish torrent content that was otherwise hard to find, verified and healthy P2P trackers, and decent seed-peer ratios. If a torrent existed on the site, it most likely had active seeders. You could safely and quickly download the content.

In this list, we have tried to mention equally efficient torrent sites. The top five primarily focus on Spanish content, while the trailing five are global favorites.

1. MejorTorrent

MejorTorrento.info has a heady mix of Spanish-language movies, TV series, games, and music, making it the perfect EliteTorrent alternative. At the time of writing, it had over 57,000 active torrents across categories. The homepage has featured content of the latest international movies and web shows. But the focus is still on Spanish blockbusters and web series such as Crooked, Mr. Corman, The Mallorca Files, and more (September 2021 releases).

MejorTorrent also has deals on Netflix and Spotify, a daily poll, and a useful Help section for new BitTorrent users.

Homepage of MejorTorrent, top Spanish torrent site

2. DivxTotal

As the name suggests, DivxTotal.ch focuses on HD movies and DVDR titles and is one of the top Spanish torrent sites. Its homepage features the top titles for that week, which is in line with the releases in RARBG, the Russian torrent behemoth. Similar to EliteTorrent, you will find more Spanish content here i.e., titles with Spanish audio and subtitles. DivxTotal also has 3D and dubbed movies.

3. Sub Torrents

If Mejor and Divx are into Spanish language content, SubTorrents.ch offers Spanish subtitles for literally any video out there. If Subscene or OpenSubtitles do not help, SubTorrents will get you the Spanish subtitle (with or without hearing impaired support) for your favorite titles. It lists all types of movies and web shows.

4. GamesTorrents

If you are looking for games in the Spanish language, head to GamesTorrents.fm. Around since 2004, it offers video game torrents for all types of systems such as PC, gaming consoles Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation, PSP, NDS, Mac, iOS, and Android. Some of the top games trending in Spain are No Man’s Sky: Frontiers, El Shaddai, Kitaria Fables, and Malum (September 2021).

Homepage of GamesTorrents

5. DonTorrent

DonTorrent.lol looks like a copy of MejorTorrent but has a slightly different web layout. It also has a mix of Spanish content such as movies, documentaries, TV and web series, and software programs. If MejorTorrent is not accessible, you may consider DonTorrent.

Pro Tip – If you still want to access MejorTorrent, consider using a reliable VPN to bypass the block. Scroll down for more information.

6. 1337x

After the decline of KickassTorrents and the frequent jitters faced by The Pirate Bay, 1337x.to has arguably become the #1 torrent site in the world. It is on the top by all means because of its resilience, updated torrents, and a huge database of pirated content, both of foreign languages such as Espanol and Catalan, and English. The highlight of 1337x is that it still has a big bunch of loyal uploaders who provide torrents across movies, TV, applications, games, books, and more.

Another reason for 1337x’s popularity is that it is accessible everywhere. 

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been around for more than a decade and a half and is still going strong. Despite a deluge of takedowns and friction with law enforcement over the past few years, it has stayed calm and composed. Uploaders that are loyal to the original Warez scene and other torrent tracker groups continue to upload fresh content on the site.

If you are looking for older content, The Pirate Bay is the best EliteTorrent alternative to search in.


Founded in 2008, RARBG is our personal favorite because new releases land here first. Of course, there are private trackers around (reminiscent of the good old Demonoid days) that release new content first, but when it comes to public torrents, RARBG snatches them first. 

RARBGPRX.org continues to be active in Spain and has a huge database worth exploring.

9. YTS (Previously YIFY)

There is no need for an introduction here. YTS.mx, the unofficial successor to the global phenomenon YIFY, is infamous for its low-quality rips. But its database of active movie torrents is unmatched. The revamped website has everything: a link to IMDb, subtitles, magnet links, and more.

10. LimeTorrents

Last on our list is LimeTorrents, a humble BitTorrent website with torrents across categories. Like its peers, LimeTorrents.info also has had its fair share of disputes with anti-piracy law enforcers, but it has stayed strong all these years. The advantage of LimeTorrents is that it rarely takes down any torrent. So, if you were to lose an old torrent file from your system, this site will most likely come to your rescue.

Other EliteTorrent substitutes for Spanish content include Identi, EstrenosDTL, DivxaTope, GNULA, and Cuevana3.

Test Your VPN Knowledge – Take A Quiz!

Should You Use a VPN While Torrenting?

The answer to this question comes down to your preference and risk appetite. If you want to hide your torrenting activities from surveillance agencies, law enforcement, and even your own ISP, we recommend using a VPN.

Basically, a VPN:

  • Hides your original IP address so that it does not show up on a public tracker’s peer list
  • Anonymizes your torrenting activities and protects your privacy
  • Unblocks EliteTorrent alternative sites
  • Bypasses geoblocks and censorship
  • Acts as an effective privacy tool
  • Fends off tracking and ISP surveillance

A VPN’s ability to unblock torrent sites cannot be taken lightly. For example, it is possible that MejorTorrent may be blocked for you depending on where you are in the world. In that case, using a reliable VPN will help.

However, do note that downloading copyrighted content is a criminal offense in several parts of the world. In Spain, although sharing pirated content was legal, it was reversed in 2013. The aforementioned anti-piracy law states that if a person gains a monetary advantage by sharing pirated content, they may face imprisonment.  Using a VPN only gives you cover; it does not give you a license or permission to download a copyrighted movie or game.

Pro Tip – When torrenting, make sure you use a VPN while downloading both the torrent file and the actual content.

The Best VPN to Torrent Safely

NordVPN is our top recommendation for torrenting . Rated as the top VPN of 2024, NordVPN has several advantages over its competitors when it comes to torrenting. Here are its top benefits:

  • Torrent-specific P2P servers
  • Negligible speed throttling while using BitTorrent clients
  • NordLynx protocol ensures high-speed downloads and uploads
  • Double kill switch auto shuts down Internet connection and your BitTorrent client in case of a VPN error
  • Split tunneling for using VPN only for torrenting
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Wide range of servers for unblocking Spanish torrent sites

We tested NordVPN across all the 10 EliteTorrent torrent alternatives to download movie torrent files. It not only helped us access all the top 10 torrent sites in Spain but also provided excellent peer discovery and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about EliteTorrent alternatives, EliteTorrent torrents, and VPNs.

What happened to EliteTorrent?

EliteTorrent was shut down in 2017 after Spain’s anti-piracy laws came into effect. There are several EliteTorrent mirrors today but none of them are reliable.

Are torrents illegal in Spain?

As of 2013, sharing copyrighted content and earning revenue from them is illegal. If you use the content for personal use, it falls within the legal guidelines. Therefore, it is safe to download and stream content from any of these EliteTorrent Spanish alternatives.

Should I use an EliteTorrent mirror site?

No. We don’t recommend using any EliteTorrent mirror site as it poses malware risk. Magnet URLs and torrent files from these mirror sites may harm your device.

What are the top EliteTorrent alternatives for Spanish torrent content?

According to our research, MejorTorrent, DivxTotal, Sub Torrent, GamesTorrents, and DonTorrent are the top EliteTorrent alternatives in 2024.

How can I stay safe while torrenting?

You can use a VPN to stay safe while torrenting. We also recommend using any of these 10 torrent websites to download Spanish content.

Is VPN necessary for torrenting?

No. But VPN is highly recommended for torrenting as it hides your IP address and protects your privacy.

What is the best VPN for an EliteTorrent alternative?

We recommend NordVPN for downloading Spanish-language content from torrent networks.

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