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Does VPN Work on mobile Data
Does VPN Work On Mobile Data? How Much Data Does It Use?

Whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or established a mobile (cellular) data connection – a VPN will always work where the internet is accessible. A VPN on mobile data will encrypt and secure a connection so that your cellular internet traffic is protected from being sniffed by the mobile network provider or third parties.

Mindaugas Lu
24 Dec 2019
Does VPN Hide your browsing history
Does VPN hide your browsing and search history

A VPN hides your online browsing from ISP and protects your privacy online. But what about your browsing history and past searches on Google? Will it stay hidden? The answer is not that straightforward. There are a few things you need to understand  – which history and searches a VPN can hide and from whom. […]

Mindaugas Lu
17 Dec 2019
best countries for vpn
The Best Countries for VPN Server Locations in 2023

Choosing the best VPN server location might influence your browsing experience. There are a few things you should consider when you’re connecting to a VPN. Do you want to watch a popular show but Netflix doesn’t stream it in your country? Do you want fast download speeds when you’re torrenting?  In our article, we talked […]

Diana Bucur
14 Dec 2019
Can VPN be Traced
Can You Be Tracked When You Use a VPN in 2023?

Probably you’re wondering – can you be tracked with a VPN? The answer is not a straightforward yes or no. There is a common misconception that using a VPN automatically makes you untraceable. The truth is that while VPNs can provide some level of anonymity, they are not foolproof and can still be tracked in […]

Tim Mocan
08 Dec 2019
Is VPN Safe
Is VPN safe? Are you protected when you use it?

When it comes to VPN security and privacy you can look at it from different angles – are VPNs safe to use and is VPN safe from a feature and technological perspective? You might want to use the one that covers both aspects to provide you with full protection when browsing, torrenting, or shopping online. […]

Mindaugas Lu
24 Nov 2019
What is a VPN Browser Extension
What is VPN browser extension and what does it do (5 best)

If you ever wanted to use a tool for privacy that only works for your browser – a VPN browser extension is all you need. Many providers offer an additional plugin for any browsers along with their native VPN apps. These extensions vary in their features, capabilities, and user experience. So what is a VPN […]

Mindaugas Lu
17 Nov 2019
Hide your browsing from employer
How to Hide Your Internet Activities From Your Employer

The Internet has become a public place to such an extent that not only hackers or the government snoop on your internet activity, but your employers might also do so. Companies might monitor internet activity without you even knowing, and the few free browsing minutes you have at work might not be as private as […]

Alex Zlatanovic
10 Nov 2019
Can VPN Monitor Your Activity
Can a VPN Monitor Its Users’ Internet Activity?

Key Points: A VPN can possibly monitor your internet activity and browsing data. To avoid a VPN spying on your browsing data, ensure that their no-log policy is confirmed by an independent audit. Do VPN Companies Track Your Browsing Data? As VPN usage has increased, concerns about VPN providers tracking browsing data have also risen. […]

Diana Bucur
03 Nov 2019
Best VPN
The difference between VPN and Proxy: pros and cons compared

VPN and Proxy servers allow you to hide your true IP address and hide your location, but that’s just one common thing between those two technologies. While they serve somewhat the same feature, the biggest difference between VPN and Proxy is their focus on the real-world problem they are trying to solve. What is a […]

Mindaugas Lu
27 Oct 2019
What is a VPN Kill Switch
What Is a VPN Kill Switch? Do You Need It in 2023?

VPN kill switch, or sometimes called a network lock, is an essential feature for a VPN service to have that provides an extra layer of privacy and security. Its name comes from the concept of activating a single shut off mechanism for all Internet traffic. But what exactly does a VPN kill switch do when using a VPN?

Mindaugas Lu
23 Oct 2019