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Does VPN Hide Torrenting from ISP

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Torrenting movies, music, and other media is considered illegal in many countries. ISP monitors P2P traffic and can fine you for copyright infringement. Using a VPN is used for online privacy, but does it hide torrenting from ISP?

Let’s first take a look at whether ISP can detect torrenting that you use P2P traffic.

Can ISP detect torrenting

Many ISPs can see that you are torrenting. They can detect P2P traffic by large bandwidth consumption. Many connections to different IP addresses can also show torrent activity. Third parties can also notify your ISP that you are downloading copyrighted material.

Does VPN hide torrenting from ISP

Using a VPN does hide torrenting from ISP. VPN encrypts your P2P traffic so ISP can not see it. It hides and changes your real IP that is used to connect to other peers to download files. With a VPN your ISP can not tell what you are doing online even if they track the torrents.

Do ISPs care that you are torrenting

Most ISPs do not care that you use torrents. In fact, it is completely legal to torrent many apps, movies, or Linux distributions. Only sharing copyrighted goods such as movies, music, or games is not allowed.

Here’s how ISP tracks torrents:

All popular movie torrent files are monitored by the companies who own those movies. Then, when using your real IP address you connect to peers and try to download the file. Since you did not use a VPN it is easy to tell that it was you who downloaded the file.

From this point, your ISP gets informed by the company that monitored the torrent. It tells yous ISP that you tried to download the movie without having the right to do so.

Then, it is up to ISP how to deal with such a situation. In most cases, ISPs choose to send a copyright infringement letter. They have proof about your torrenting and copyright infringement so you get a fine.

When a VPN is used, your real IP is hidden from torrent monitoring systems so it can not tell that it was you. Your ISP also can not tell about your online activities as a VPN encrypts all your P2P traffic.

Summary – Does ISP hide Torrenting

Using a VPN would hide what you do online from your ISP and the torrent monitoring systems. Torrenting and sharing the copyrighted goods might get you in trouble.

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