Does VPN hide torrenting from ISP

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If you’re often downloading movies, games or other materials using BitTorrent clients, you probably want to hide that fact from your ISP. One of the services that claim to protect when downloading copyrighted goods is VPN, but will it hide your torrenting from ISP? Let’s first take a look at whether ISP can detect that you use P2P traffic.

Many ISPs, in fact, can see that you are using P2P traffic. They can tell that you are torrenting by factors such as large bandwidth consumption, many TCP connections made to different IP addresses, the ports used to connect to those addresses as well as the notifications they get if the torrents are monitored.

A VPN encrypts the traffic so that no one, including your ISP, would know what you are doing and where you connect. A VPN would hide your IP address when connecting to other peers this way covering torrenting activities. Your ISP can not tell exactly what you are doing even if the torrent you download is monitored.

The simple answer is no. Most ISPs do not really care that you use torrents. In fact, many

software applications, movies or even Linux distributions can be downloaded using torrents and it is completely legal to do so. What is not allowed is sharing copyrighted goods such as movies, music or games.

Here’s how it actually works:

For example, the torrents that are sharing the commercial movies owned by production studios are constantly monitored by those companies. When you connect to peers and try to download such a movie without a VPN your real IP now is known. From this point, your ISP gets informed by the company that monitored the torrent that you tried to download the movie without having the right to do so.

Then, it is up to ISP how to deal with such a situation. ISPs choose to send a copyright infringement letter to those who torrented since, in fact, they are themselves who would get sued because it was their service that was used.

When a VPN is used, your real IP is hidden from the torrent monitoring systems so it can not tell that it was you who downloaded the goods. Your ISP can not also tell where you connected this way having no proof about P2P activities.

Using a VPN would hide what you do online from your ISP and the torrent monitoring systems. Torrenting is actually very popular and even allowed, however sharing the copyrighted goods might get you in trouble. With the best VPN for torrenting you can be sure that you never get a warning from your ISP.

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