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5 VPNs for live streaming badminton BWF (watch anywhere!)

VPN To Watch Badminton TV

If you’re a fan of badminton or just want to watch the live stream of BWF World Finals, unfortunately, you can not do it from every country. The official BadmintonWorld.TV channel on Youtube has listed the countries that are geo-blocked from live streaming the sport. Those countries include the United States, India, Germany, China, and others. The easy way to circumvent this regional censorship is to use a VPN.

How to bypass Badminton World TV regional blocks

The easiest way to bypass the geo-restrictions for live streaming badminton BWF is to use a VPN. It will hide your IP address and virtually change the location so that you can access any live streams of the BWF from anywhere. Just by connecting to the VPN server, you can enjoy watching the championship again.

What a VPN can do besides unblocking BadmintonWorld.TV streams

A VPN is a very powerful service that not only unblocks geo-restrictions but also focuses on your online privacy and protection. The best VPNs can unblock many popular streaming services, hide traffic from ISP, and access blocked websites.

Here’s what a VPN can do:

Privacy: a VPN is a privacy service that routes your internet traffic to a VPN server. It encrypts your connection with AES-256 bit encryption algorithms so that your personal data is unreadable. It hides the websites you visit from ISP, government, and hackers.

Unblock streaming: the best VPNs not only unblock badminton streams, but also are capable of accessing the video content libraries on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer. It also protects you when using platforms such as Popcorn Time.

Hide Torrenting: VPN hides torrenting activities from your ISP so you can feel safe when sharing files. Great services openly support P2P traffic and keep no logs on their servers.

Bypass restrictions: VPN by far is the best tool to circumvent any geo-restrictions. If can bypass many firewalls including those implied by the government, For example, the best VPNs work in China or can bypass restrictions at work or school.

Protects from tracking and ads: a few VPNs also offer malware protection as well as blocking from being tracked by advertisers and blocking ads too.

5 Best VPNs for live streaming badminton BWF World Championship

1. NordVPN

2. Surfshark

3. PrivateVPN

4. AtlasVPN

5. ExpressVPN


Live streaming Badminton World TV is not available in every country. To bypass regional restrictions is possible with a VPN. IT’s the easiest way to enjoy your favorite sports. The best VPNs such as NordVPN can also unblock other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu too. It works in US, India, or even China.

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