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5 Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile in 2024 (For Low Ping)

VPN for PUBG Mobile

PUBG VPN Key Points

  • PUBG Mobile is only available on iOS and Android devices, so a suitable VPN should offer quality apps for one or both of these platforms.
  • You can use a PUBG VPN to unblock the game in any country it is banned or blocked.
  • PUBG frowns upon players using VPNs to play the game but doesn’t actively ban those who do. 

Our Testing has shown that NordVPN is the best VPN for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games to date, with well over 1.3 billion downloads. Even with this, the game isn’t accessible from everywhere. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iraq, and China banned it a few years back. Players in these countries can not connect to the game due to geo-restrictions.

Plus, even players from countries where PUBG is available aren’t free from gaming issues. Latency and lag can completely ruin a gaming experience. Moreover, hacker attacks, doxxing, and DDoS attacks are nothing new to the mobile gaming landscape.

To play PUBG Mobile without any issues and with maximum safety, it’s best to use a VPN. However, only the best VPNs for PUBG can bypass the restrictions and guarantee low ping. Not every VPN service is fit to unblock and play the game. Let’s take a look at the five best PUBG VPNs that have proven to be up to this task.

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Best VPNs for PUBG – Our Shortlist

  1. NordVPN – The best VPN for PUBG Mobile overall.
  2. Surfshark – Fast PUBG Mobile VPN with low ping.
  3. AtlasVPN – A great budget choice.
  4. PrivateVPN – Robust PUBG VPN for stable gaming.
  5. ExpressVPN – Great choice for unblocking PUBG.

Why do I Need a VPN to Play PUBG?

While it’s true that you can play PUBG Mobile without a VPN, using a VPN service can enhance your experience in several different ways. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider using a Virtual Private Network for PUBG:

  • Bypass PUBG Mobile Bans – PUBG Mobile has been blocked in a handful of countries worldwide. If you live in such a location, connecting to a VPN server and changing your IP address is the best way to access PUBG Mobile servers.
  • Reduce Ping Time – High ping can kill your winning chances when playing PUBG competitively. Luckily, VPNs for PUBG Mobile can help lower your ping time and play PUBG Mobile with the fastest and most stable connection possible.
  • Protect Against DDoS Attacks – You probably know that, when you play games online, the atmosphere can get pretty toxic. Some players take it too far and even DDoS their opponents. With a PUBG VPN, you can stay safe and avoid becoming the victim of a DDoS attack.
  • Prevent Doxxing – Just like DDoS attacks, doxxing has unfortunately been present in online gaming for quite a while. A VPN connection adds an extra layer between you and other online players, hides your real IP address, and makes it harder for people to dox you.
  • Stop Internet Throttling – If your Internet Service Provider is intentionally slowing down your Internet connection, connecting to a VPN server can help you bypass ISP throttling and increase your connection speed. 

PUBG VPN Comparison

Ranking for Gaming5/54.8/54.6/54.6/54.8/5
Avg. Speed46,4 Mbps40,1 Mbps35,9 Mbps43,6 Mbps42,2 Mbps
Server count5400+3200+750+200+3000+
LogsNo-logsNo identifiable logsNo identifiable logsNo logsNo identifiable logs
Suitable for Games✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Devices supportedWindows
Gaming Consoles
Gaming Consoles
Gaming Consoles
P2P Traffic✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Best Deals63% OFF + GiftSave 81%83% OFFSave 85%3 months FREE

Best VPNs for PUBG – Our Detailed List

Choosing the right VPN for PUBG can be challenging with so many options available. To make this process easier, I’ll share the selection criteria and testing methodology I used for picking the five best VPNs for playing PUBG:

1. NordVPN

🌐 Website:nordvpn.com
🏢 Headquarters:Panama
📍Servers/Countries:5800+ servers in 60 countries
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & CouponsGet 68% off + 3 months extra

NordVPN is the best VPN service for PUBG Mobile. The mobile app version works on iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones, enabling you to play PUBG on any handheld device you choose.  

Both the iOS app and the Android app come with excellent features. This includes safety tools like an Internet kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and a Threat Protection Lite feature. Additionally, all of the servers are protected from any DDoS attacks by default. 

NordVPN has a network of over 5,500 servers in 60 countries. While testing this service for PUBG, I tried well over a dozen servers, and each provided incredibly fast performance and low ping on the battleground.

To go into specific metrics, NordVPN delivered connections that were only about 5% slower than my regular network. On remote servers, like those in SEA, the speed dropdown was only about 10%. These results were noticeably better than what the four other VPNs on my list delivered.

A big part of this is NordVPN’s custom-built NordLynx protocol. This protocol is available on iOS and Android and is the fastest protocol I’ve had the opportunity to use when playing PUBG. 

Playing PUBG mobile with NordVPN

Now, to the few negatives compared to my other picks. NordVPN supports up to six simultaneous connections. This is good but still falls short of what services like Atlas VPN and Surfshark can offer. Speaking of the latter gaming VPN, Surfshark is also a more affordable service overall, especially when it comes to long-term plans.

Still, NordVPN is the best VPN for PUBG. Moreover, it’s great for other activities, such as streaming. It can easily unblock streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, or Disney+. It also supports easy setup on any device, from your consoles to your Android TV.

NordVPN Speed Test for PUBG Results

Speed TestNordVPN
Average Speed – North America (United States)44,9 Mbps
Average Speed – Europe (United Kingdom)46,3 Mbps
Average Speed – Asia (Singapore)38,2 Mbps
Best deal63% OFF + Gift


  • The Fastest VPN for PUBG overall
  • Huge server network great for PUBG players worldwide
  • Great apps for iOS and Android
  • Strict no-logs policy with strong VPN encryption
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only six simultaneous connections
  • More expensive than Surfshark

2. Surfshark

🌐 Website:surfshark.com
🏢 Headquarters:The British Virgin Islands
📍Servers/Countries:3,200+ servers in 100 countries
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & CouponsSave 84% Now!

Surfshark has more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries, and every server includes private DNS. Surfshark supports a number of VPN protocols, most notably WireGuard. But, unlike NordVPN, it doesn’t have any proprietary protocols that would make it stand out from the competition.

With that in mind, Surfshark is not as fast as NordVPN. Don’t get me wrong, Surfshark still delivers above-average connection speeds without any issues. But, there is a slight speed difference that it can’t quite close on. On average, Surfshark will slow down your connection by around  10%. This percentage only grows larger the more remote the VPN server is.

Nevertheless, this service can unblock PUBG and bypass any geo-restrictions. Its NoBorders Mode enables you to use Surfshark from anywhere. This is very convenient for playing PUBG in regions with heavy restrictions. You’ll also find features such as split tunneling and a kill switch. However, the former feature is only available on Android devices, not iOS.

Playing PUBG mobile with Surfshark

While Surfshark is inferior to NordVPN in several key aspects, it also has the upper hand in a few of them. Most notably, Surfshark supports an unlimited number of connections, trumping NordVPN’s six connections per subscription.

What’s more, both Surfshark’s short-term and long-term plans are more affordable than NordVPN’s. And, while I don’t need an unlimited number of connections, I certainly appreciate every penny I can save. So, if you’re getting a VPN on a budget, Surfshark certainly provides more bang for your buck than NordVPN.

Surfshark Speed Test for PUBG Results

Speed TestSurfshark
Average Speed – North America (United States)40,9 Mbps
Average Speed – Europe (United Kingdom)41,8 Mbps
Average Speed – Asia (Singapore)35,9 Mbps
Best dealSave 81%


  • Above-average PUBG gaming speeds
  • Can deliver low-lag PUBG gaming
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • More affordable than NordVPN
  • No-log policy, robust security features, and leak protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not as many servers as NordVPN
  • Slower than NordVPN (Especially on remote servers)

3. Atlas VPN

🌐 Website:atlasvpn.com
🏢 Headquarters:United States
📍Servers/Countries:1000 servers in 49 locations
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & Coupons85% OFF + 3 Months FREE!

Atlas VPN allows you to tap into more than 750 servers across 49 countries worldwide. Undeniably, this is noticeably less than what you can get with NordVPN and Surfshark. But, it still covers the most sought-after PUBG locations in Europe, North America, and Asia, among other parts of the world.

However, Atlas VPN falls behind NordVPN and Surfshark in terms of gaming server speeds. And, while its Europe and US servers deliver solid speeds, the remote servers in Singapore were miles behind my first two picks. 

Namely, Atlas VPN was over 20% slower than NordVPN and Surfshark on remote servers, equaling a speed drop of over 30% in total. If you’re a competitive PUBG player, this is most likely a deal-breaker. Still, if you need stable speeds and low lag on nearby servers, Atlas VPN consistently delivers solid results.

Playing PUBG mobile with AtlasVPN

Like Surfshark, Atlas VPN also has a few advantages over my top pick. It is also more affordable than NordVPN and supports an unlimited number of connections. Additionally, it’s the only VPN on my list to offer a free plan. While affordable, Atlas VPN doesn’t lack standard features. Its apps come with a kill switch feature, as well as split tunneling.

There are also several advanced features, such as SafeSwap and MultiHop+. The latter allows you to tunnel your connection through multiple servers. This does slow down your connection by another 10% to 15% but is handy if you want to ensure that no one can sniff out your actual IP address.

AtlasVPN Speed Test for PUBG Results

Speed TestAtlasVPN
Average Speed – North America (United States)36,1 Mbps
Average Speed – Europe (United Kingdom)34,8 Mbps
Average Speed – Asia (Singapore)29,5 Mbps
Best deal83% OFF


  • Low lag and stable speeds on nearby PUBG servers
  • One of the more affordable PUBG VPNs on my list
  • Unlimited device support
  • WireGuard protocol and DNS leak protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Significantly slower than my other picks on remote servers
  • Smaller server network than NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN

4. PrivateVPN

🌐 Website:privatevpn.com
🏢 Headquarters:Sweden
📍Servers/Countries:200 servers in 60 countries
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & CouponsSave 85% Now!

PrivateVPN is the perfect choice for every privacy-conscious gamer who doesn’t want to compromise on performance features. Some of its security features include IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. But, unlike all other providers on my list, it doesn’t support split tunneling.

PrivateVPN offers “only” 200 server locations across 63 countries worldwide. This is still a solid network, but it can’t compare to most VPNs on my list. It’s also one of the most beginner-friendly PUBG VPNs around. Its Android and iOS apps are straightforward but flexible.

Playing PUBG mobile with PrivateVPN

But, don’t let PrivateVPN’s simplicity and reasonably small server network fool you. It can compete with even the fastest VPNs in the industry. As it’s one of the fastest VPN services on the market, you can use it to lower latency and lag when playing the game.

As you can see from the table below, PrivateVPN was actually the fastest VPN for remote server play, with remote server speeds slowdowns of only 10% to 15%. It even outperformed NordVPN by a tangible difference. And, its Europe and US server results are equally impressive. It’s just slightly behind NordVPN in both of those categories.

PrivateVPN Speed Test for PUBG Results

Speed TestPrivateVPN
Average Speed – North America (United States)43,6 Mbps
Average Speed – Europe (United Kingdom)45.9 Mbps
Average Speed – Asia (Singapore)40,4 Mbps
Best dealSave 85%


  • Fast speeds for PUBG with excellent uptime
  • Best-performing VPN for PUBG on remote servers
  • Simple mobile apps with unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Supports port forwarding
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • VPN with the smallest server network on my list
  • Lacks a split tunneling feature

5. ExpressVPN

🌐 Website:expressvpn.com
🏢 Headquarters:The British Virgin Islands
📍Servers/Countries:3000+ servers in 94 countries
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & Coupons+3 months FREE!

ExpressVPN is a great choice for those who want to unblock PUBG and still have lag-free games. It has RAM-disk servers in 94 countries worldwide, with the majority of its network supporting 10 Gbps servers. This enables it to offer above-average speeds on most servers and even match NordVPN’s results on the SEA servers.

Besides NordVPN, ExpressVPN is the only service on my list to have an in-house protocol. This is its Lightway protocol. Lightway is a lightweight and fast protocol that seems tailor-made for PUBG Mobile. This is because it doesn’t require a lot of RAM and is easier on your battery than other protocols. In this aspect, it’s even superior to the NordLynx protocol.

Playing PUBG mobile with ExpressVPN

This provider has iOS and Android apps if you’re looking primarily to play the game on your mobile device. But, if you want to use it for other purposes, it supports a long list of devices, including Android TV, gaming consoles, and routers. You can use it to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and any other streaming platform.

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly a great all-around performer. But, its two big drawbacks keep it from climbing higher on my list. Firstly, it’s the most expensive provider on my list. Secondly, ExpressVPN offers only up to five connections, which is the fewest any VPN on this list offer. 

ExpressVPN Speed Test for PUBG Results

Speed TestExpressVPN
Average Speed – North America (United States)42,2 Mbps
Average Speed – Europe (United Kingdom)40,9 Mbps
Average Speed – Asia (Singapore)38,1 Mbps
Best deal+3 months FREE


  • Above-average PUBG gaming speeds across its entire network
  • Capable of unblocking PUBG in any region
  • Lightway protocol great for mobile games like PUBG
  • Very safe VPN with strong privacy features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The most expensive VPN on my list
  • Only five simultaneous connections

Testing Methodology: How We Selected and Tested The Best VPNs for PUBG

Choosing the right VPN for PUBG can be challenging with so many options available. To make this process easier, I’ll share the selection criteria and testing methodology I used for picking the five best VPNs for playing PUBG:

Ping Time and Connection Speeds

In a fast-paced game like PUBG, every millisecond counts. So, you want your new IP address to provide the fastest connection possible. Equally as important, the ping should be below 100 ms, or ideally, even below 50 ms. The lower the latency to your PUBG server, the better.

After diligently testing the five best PUBG VPN providers, I’ve found that all of the provide excellent ping time and fast speeds. This especially goes for local connections, which were often faster than my regular connections. 

Server Coverage

Server coverage is an important factor to consider when choosing a PUBG VPN because it directly impacts your connection speed and latency. A VPN with a large server network provides more options for players to connect to a server that is geographically closer to them. This reduces the time it takes for data to travel between their device and the game server. 

This, in turn, can result in lower latency and faster connection speeds, which can significantly improve the gaming experience. Additionally, having servers in different regions can allow players to bypass geo-restrictions and access games that may not be available in their country.

Mobile Apps

As the name implies, the PUBG Mobile app is only available for mobile devices. There’s no way to install PUBG on a PC or any of the major gaming consoles PlayStation and Xbox as well as platforms like Steam and xCloud. For this reason, the best VPNs for PUBG should offer quality mobile apps.

The app should be capable and offer enough features. At the same time, it should still be light enough not to overwhelm the phone’s memory or drain too much of its battery.

Logging Policy and Security Features

VPNs hide and encrypt your data, protecting you from anyone trying to snoop on your Internet connection. This can be particularly valuable if you’re playing PUBG Mobile from one of the restricted locations.

The five best VPNs for PUBG on this list all have a zero-logs policy and excellent security features like a kill switch and strong encryption. This ensures your data stays safe from hackers, your ISP, and the government.

Additional Features

Besides the key aspects I listed above, the best VPNs for PUBG Mobile should also offer a solid set of extra features. They should have a quality customer support service and offer good support for other purposes aside from playing PUBG. Lastly, the service shouldn’t be overpriced and offer good value for money.

Can You Get Banned From PUBG When Using a VPN?

PUBG Mobile has an extensive Terms and Conditions page, which mentions the use of third-party software several times. In the context of using VPNs, PUBG also states that players must agree not to:

PUBG Terms of Service on VPN usage

As you can see from the image above, the game doesn’t mention VPN use directly. However, it practically defines using an IP address-changing tool as a violation of its service. From that, we can conclude that the game doesn’t want its players to use VPNs.

While this is concerning, there aren’t any examples of players getting banned simply for using VPNs. What’s more, I’ve played the game for an hour or more with each of the five VPNs from above and wasn’t banned once. 

How to Play PUBG Mobile With a VPN

Installing and using a VPN for PUBG is very simple and you can do it in just a couple of minutes, even if you’re not very tech-savvy. To help you with this, I’ve created a simple guide on how to play PUBG Mobile with a VPN:

  1. Pick one of the best VPNs for PUBG from my list (I recommend NordVPN).
NordVPN pricing selection screen
  1. Install the VPN app on your iOS or Android device.
NordVPN app store and android store apps
  1. Open the app and choose a VPN location.
NordVPN connected to a VPN server
  1. Open your PUBG Mobile game app and start playing!
Playing PUBG Mobile while connected to NordVPN server

Does a PUBG VPN Increase My Ping?

Yes, using a VPN can potentially increase your ping in PUBG Mobile. This is because VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic and route it through a remote server, which can add extra distance and processing time. If the VPN server is located far away from your region, this can cause an increase in ping.

However, using a VPN that has servers located close to your region can actually reduce your ping and improve your gameplay performance. This is because the VPN can provide a more direct and secure route to the game server, bypassing any congested or poorly optimized network routes that can cause high ping and lag.

Of course, your choice of VPN provider also makes a difference. The five PUBG Mobile VPNs I received above have proven to be effective at lowering ping or at least maintaining it at regular pre-VPN use levels.

PUBG Mobile VPN Not Working – What To Do?

In the vast majority of cases, you will be able to play PUBG without any issues. But, in some cases, you might find that the game is underperforming, or worse – not working altogether. Here are a few quick tips you can try when PUBG isn’t working with your VPN:

  • Check Your Internet Connection – Make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong enough to support a VPN connection. If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or disconnections, it can affect your VPN connection and cause it to not work correctly.
  • Try a Different VPN Server – Sometimes, the VPN server you’re connecting to can be overloaded or experiencing issues, causing the connection to fail. Try connecting to a different server in the same region or a nearby country to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Update or Reinstall the VPN App – Check and ensure that you’re using the latest version of your VPN software. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, consider reinstalling the VPN application.
  • Disable the Antivirus – If you have antivirus software installed on your mobile or tablet device, consider disabling it temporarily, as it could be interfering with the VPN’s attempts to establish a connection.
  • Disable Battery Optimization – If you’re using an Android device, make sure that your VPN app is not being optimized for battery usage. This can cause the VPN connection to drop or not work correctly.
  • Check for App Permissions – Make sure that your VPN software has the necessary permissions to access your device’s network settings. Go to your device’s app settings and check that the VPN application has permission to access your device’s network.
  • Contact the VPN’s Support – If you’ve tried all the above fixes and your PUBG Mobile VPN is still not working, contact your VPN provider’s customer support for assistance. They can provide further troubleshooting steps or help you resolve any technical issues.

What is the Best VPN Server for PUBG Mobile?

There is no one “best” VPN server for PUBG Mobile, as the optimal server will depend on your location, network conditions, and personal preferences. However, some VPN servers are known to provide good performance for PUBG Mobile. 

These include servers located in regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America, which are known to have a high concentration of PUBG players. The VPN services I listed above support servers in these locations, offering a convenient PUBG online gaming experience, no matter where you’re physically located.

Ultimately, the best VPN server location for PUBG Mobile will depend on your individual needs and preferences. With that in mind, I recommend testing different servers and VPN providers to find the one that works best for you.

Can I play PUBG with a free VPN?

While you can use free gaming VPNs to unblock PUBG, playing this game with a VPN comes with many inherent issues. There are several significant reasons why I don’t recommend using free VPNs when playing PUBG Mobile.

The first one comes from a practical perspective. Free VPNs usually have a limited number of server locations. This can result in high latency and slow speeds when playing PUBG. Because of this, you will experience lag and annoying connection stutters when gaming. Plus, the small server network means that the VPN doesn’t do anything to replace the servers that get blocked by anti-VPN software.

In the same breath, free VPN services often have a high number of users. This also leads to less stable and more unreliable connections, which can result in disconnections or even server bans from the game.

If this wasn’t enough, free VPNs have inferior security features compared to premium services. They aren’t as capable of protecting you from DDoS attacks and may even leak details of your connection. This can make your connection vulnerable to hacking or other cyber threats.

AtlasVPN available free server locations

Having said that, if you want to use a free VPN to play PUBG, I recommend finding a premium VPN that has a limited free plan. For instance, Atlas VPN offers a superb free plan. You can use it to access three free VPN servers and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. This is slightly restricting but is a great way to try out a VPN for online gaming, as Atlas VPN is very trusted and reputable.

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What devices can I play PUBG with a VPN on?

PUBG Mobile is only available for Android and iOS devices. This means that you need a VPN with quality apps for these platforms in order to play PUBG Mobile without any issues. All five VPNs listed on this page offer such apps for tablet and mobile devices.

Are VPNs Legal in India for PUBG?

Yes, Yes, VPNs are legal in India. There are no laws or regulations in India that prohibit the use of VPNs for personal use. However, since PUBG Mobile is banned in India, make sure to use a trusted and capable VPN service for the job.

What’s the Best VPN for PUBG Crate Opening?

The best VPN for PUBG crate opening is NordVPN. Not only is NordVPN the best VPN for PUBG overall, but it also has an extensive network of server locations ideal for PUBG crate opening. This includes locations such as Thailand, Taiwan, and, of course, Germany.

Which PUBG VPN Has the Fastest Speeds & Lowest Ping?

While all five of my picks offer fast speeds, the VPN with the fastest speeds and lowest ping is NordVPN. After extensively testing it on a number of game server locations, NordVPN consistently delivered the best results.

Is VPN Safe for PUBG Mobile?

Using a VPN for PUBG Mobile can be safe, as long as you choose a reputable VPN provider that takes privacy and security seriously. That’s why I recommend sticking with the services listed on this page, as they have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.

Can I Play PUBG Lite With My VPN?

Unfortunately, PUBG Lite is no longer available. PUBG Lite was shut down on April 29th, 2021, While PUBG Mobile Lite is unavailable, you can still play PUBG: BattleGrounds on your PC or one of the supported gaming consoles.

Can You Play PUBG Without a VPN?

If you live in a country where PUBG is available, you can plate the game without a VPN. Unfortunately, this game is unavailable in many locations. This includes China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Iraq, and others.

Conclusion – Picking the Best VPN For PUBG Mobile

Whether you want a VPN that unblocks PUBG or use the service to unlock free rewards in different regions, you need to use a reliable and capable VPN. Only the best VPN services can guarantee steadfast unblocking with consistent speeds and low ping. 

Moreover, if you’re a competitive PUBG player or streamer, you need to pick a service that offers strong privacy and features like split tunneling and anti-DDoS protection.

The five VPNs I’ve included in this detailed page can all have a bid at the “best for PUBG” title. That said, if you want the absolute best for PUBG, NordVPN stands out as the top VPN to play this battle royale game.

🌐 Website:nordvpn.com
🏢 Headquarters:Panama
📍Servers/Countries:5800+ servers in 60 countries
₿ Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
💸 Deals & CouponsGet 68% off + 3 months extra
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