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5 Best VPNs for Call of Duty (Warzone, COD Mobile & more)


Call of Duty is arguably one of the biggest and best-known video game franchises in the history of gaming. The first Call of Duty game came out in 2003, and since that time, several dozen games have been published under this name across all major platforms. Here are just some of the most popular COD games:

  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • COD Mobile
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty Black Ops

That said, these games don’t come without their limitations, especially in multiplayer. COD multiplayer matchups are region-locked, meaning that you can’t play against gamers from other regions. Additionally, even when you can access COD multiplayer servers, issues like lag or potential DDoS threats are very real.

The best solution for all of these problems is a reliable VPN for Call of Duty. A top-quality VPN service can help ensure your COD multiplayer sessions are stable, lag-free, and safe. That said, it’s essential to pick a trustworthy VPN. For a more detailed overview of our top COD VPN picks, check out the table below:

Here are the top 5 VPNs for COD Warzone games:
  1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Warzone
  2. Surfshark – great for mobile devices
  3. AtlasVPN – COD Warzone VPN with a free version
  4. PrivateVPN – provides great security while gaming
  5. ExpressVPN – premium VPN to access any COD Warzone region

Top picks of VPNs for Call of Duty Multiplayer games

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is our top pick for the best VPN for COD Warzone and all other COD games in general. The reason for this is simple. It comes with all of the bells and whistles you need for a seamless gaming experience. Strong privacy security settings, servers capable of unblocking any region, and a built-in kill switch are just some of the many features that make NordVPN our top choice.

Additionally, NordVPN boasts a couple of advanced and very convenient features, split tunneling and server obfuscation. The latter serves to mask your VPN traffic into regular network traffic to prevent you from getting blocked by COD servers. On the other hand, split tunneling enables you to route only a part of your connection through the VPN tunnel and keep the other part on your regular IP address.

The service has a vast network of over 5500 servers spread across 59 countries around the globe. These servers support the state-of-the-art NordLynx protocol, the best-performing VPN protocol currently available in the industry.

Best of all, NordVPN comes at very affordable subscription rates, especially when you consider everything their service includes. You can also take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee if you stop playing COD and change your mind about using a VPN.

  • Thousands of lightning-fast servers
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • Fully supports Torrenting and P2P
  • Strict no-logs policy and RAM-disk servers
  • Ad blocker and malware protection features
  • Robust security features and military-grade encryption
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Only 6 simultaneous connections
  • No free trial

2. Surfshark

Surfshark offers a very balanced service that excels on all fronts. It’s fast enough for gaming and provides 3200+ servers in 65 countries, ideal for gamers and those who like to stream content from various regions. This service allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, so you can share your account with friends and game all on the same server.

The service is also loaded with plenty of advanced features. Some of the most impressive ones include Camouflage Mode, No Borders Mode, and Bypasser. These three tools make sure you always get access to the open Internet and that no one can tell that you’re using a VPN.

Moreover, Surfshark is one of the most robust VPNs in terms of security and privacy. You’ll be completely protected from DDoS attacks and any other privacy intrusions when playing COD Warzone, COD Mobile, or any other game with Surfshark by your side. Lastly, 

Surfshark VPN is very affordable, making it a great budget VPN with some compelling performance features. It has a strict no-logs policy and is independently audited to prove its transparency and trustworthiness.

  • Very affordable
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Ad-blocking feature
  • Unblocks streaming platforms
  • Allows split-tunneling and has multi-hop VPN feature
  • No-log policy and strong security features
  • GPS spoofing on Android devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No free version
  • Does not allow P2P seeding

3. AtlasVPN

AtlasVPN offers over 750 servers worldwide and supports the lightning-fast WireGuard protocol. AtlasVPN also excels on the security front, as it delivers military-grade encryption and advanced data leak protection. Furthermore, its apps come with a network kill switch and a data breach monitor tool.

This service also comes with several sophisticated performance features. Among the most exciting ones are split tunneling and SafeSwap. Moreover, AtlasVPN is one of the few trusted VPN services that offer unlimited connections. This makes it a very handy VPN service for playing COD multiplayer with your friends, all under one VPN subscription. 

Plus, AtlasVPN is also optimized for streaming, so you can get additional value from it, besides just playing COD through its servers. More specifically, the VPN is so fast and stable that it provides 4K streaming capabilities with minimal buffering times. It also supports safe and private P2P file sharing, making it a great pick if you frequently torrent online content.

  • Very affordable plans and it has a free version
  • Fast Speeds
  • Unlimited device support
  • WireGuard protocol and strong security features
  • Torrenting-friendly
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited Linux app
  • Based in the US
  • Not so many servers

4. PrivateVPN

If you’re not an avid VPN enthusiast and are just looking for a steadfast VPN for COD, PrivateVPN is an excellent choice. It won’t wow you with tons of advanced performance features, but it offers a well-balanced set of tools that make it a great COD VPN and gaming in general.

To name a few, PrivateVPN offers above-average connection speeds, strong military-grade encryption, and solid unblocking abilities. It covers over 200 server locations in 63 countries and supports a handful of common VPN protocols. It also offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, making it a suitable choice for almost all COD games currently out there.

Lastly, we often like to stress this fact about PrivateVPN, and that is that this simple and well-rounded VPN offers a 99.98% uptime. This impressive number means that you can count on stable COD multiplayer gameplay without any lags or connection drops that would ruin your gaming session.

  • Supports P2P traffic and allows port forwarding
  • Unlimited bandwidth and great speeds
  • Unblocks most streaming platforms
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Free Static IP servers
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Not as many servers as other VPN providers
  • No split-tunneling

5. ExpressVPN

Justifying the “Express” part of its name, this VPN service offers some of the fastest server speeds around. That said, their offer doesn’t only excel in quality but also provides excellent value quantity-wise. 

With over 3000 servers spread across 160 server locations in 94 countries, you’ll have no shortage of options when playing COD games on any of the supported devices. Equally as important, all of ExpressVPN’s servers support the in-house Lightway protocol. This is a light and super-fast protocol particularly opportune for COD Mobile, as it draws very little battery power.

Besides being one of the fastest VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN is also very powerful in unblocking geo-blocks from any site, platform, or game. It even works in heavily-censored countries like China, Russia, and many others. This enables you to game without borders, no matter where you are in the world.

Not only this but, it also supports a strong 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy and DNS protection. Additionally, it offers protection features like a kill switch and TrustedServer technology. This means that you don’t have to worry about any data leaks or DDoS attacks when gaming with ExpressVPN. 

  • Works with streaming
  • Supports torrenting
  • No-logs policy
  • TrustedServer technology with RAM-only servers
  • Premium security features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Only 5 simultaneous connections

VPN for different COD multiplayer games

We’ve briefly mentioned the most popular Call of Duty games currently out there in the intro. That said, we should also highlight this part a bit more significantly and go over how a VPN can help enhance your gaming experience in each of these installments. With that in mind, here’s how you can use a VPN for COD in each popular Call of Duty game:

Using a VPN for Warzone

Warzone is an extremely demanding game in multiplayer. Because of this, it’s essential to pick a top-quality no lag VPN for Warzone that would keep your network fast and stable when playing Warzone. 

Of course, if you want to play the game in many parts of the globe, you need to focus on a VPN with a large number of servers. This will allow you to handpick the best VPN locations for Warzone and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Considering all of this, our favorite Warzone VPN service is NordVPN.

Using a VPN for COD Mobile

COD Mobile is one of the most challenging COD games for VPNs. This is because, unlike most COD games, this one actually actively seeks out and blocks VPN connections. Still, if you use a powerful VPN that strongly emphasizes privacy and unblocking power.

In this case, we recommend ExpressVPN, as we find it has one of the best mobile VPN apps in the market. Not only this, but it also ticks all of the boxes for the features we’ve previously mentioned are necessary for smooth and hassle-free COD Mobile gameplay with a VPN.

Using a VPN for Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the best-selling games in the franchise. It raised over $600 during the first three days of its release. Needless to say, it’s still one of the most popular COD games, especially for players who like to play it in multiplayer mode. Speaking of multiplayer mode, the game supports multiplayer maps of up to 64 players.

With so many players on one map, the game can get laggy at times, so a fast and stable VPN is a must. It doesn’t block VPNs, so you can use a simple service without too many advanced features. With all of this in mind, we find PrivateVPN to be the perfect VPN for COD Modern Warfare. It delivers an impressive uptime, great speeds and is very stable overall.

Using a VPN for COD Black Ops

Even though it’s been more than a decade since the original COD Black Ops came out, this game is still very popular among COD gamers, closely followed by Black Ops 3. As a slightly older COD game, Black Ops doesn’t actively block its players for using a VPN.

So, the key criteria to focus on are the quality of servers, connection speeds, and overall security and privacy. With that in mind, any of the five VPNs we’ve recommended on this page can do the task and ensure unrestricted and lag-free access to COD Black Ops servers.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Call of Duty?

A VPN for call of duty is a must-have in 2022, regardless of whether you’re playing these games professionally or just casually for fun. To help you better understand the significance of using a COD VPN, here are the most important reasons why you need a VPN for Call of Duty:

  • Access Different Servers – When you play COD games, you’ll always be connected to the nearest server, so it’s impossible to access a server on the other part of the globe and play against many different players. However, simply by connecting to the VPN server in the country you want to play Call of Duty in, you can access COD servers easily and without any issues.
  • Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks and Swatting – It’s no secret that the COD community can get very toxic at times. Because of this, there are countless examples of gamers DDoSing their opponents. Moreover, some COD players have even experienced getting swatted, meaning that someone sent police to their front door. As a VPN hides your real IP and location, this can’t happen to you when connected to a remote server.
  • Reduce Lag and Ping Times – There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to play Call of Duty multiplayer, but are handicapped by your painfully slow and laggy connection. This might be because your network isn’t sending data packets efficiently or even because your ISP is downright throttling your bandwidth. Using a VPN to switch to a nearby server can help you reduce lag and ping and play with a smoother connection.
  • Play COD on Public Networks – If you’re primarily using a VPN for COD mobile, you’re likely sometimes playing on different networks. This can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you’re playing in public places. Public Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as your home network, as you can’t know who’s possibly on the same network, observing and collecting data.
  • Secure Your Sensitive Information – Even when you’re playing COD on your home network, and you know you’re the only one on it, there are still many security threats to be aware of. Most notably, these include snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks, or data tracking. Luckily, a solid and trustworthy VPN protects you against all of these issues without any trouble.
  • Avoid Annoying IP Bans – Many COD games employ IP bans even for players that inadvertently break some rules. There have even been cases of players getting banned on COD games for no reason. But, with a VPN, this isn’t an issue, as you can simply connect to a different server and avoid IP bans as many times as you like.

Tips on How to Choose the Best VPN for Call of Duty

There are dozens, if not hundreds of VPNs to choose from on the current market. While we’ve narrowed down our top picks to the five best VPNs for Call of Duty, picking the best COD VPN can be challenging. Here are a handful of useful tips on how to choose the best VPN for Call of Duty:

  • Connection Speeds – Improving speed is one of the biggest reasons why COD players decide to use VPNs. So, it should also be a given that a top COD VPN service offers very fast and stable connection speeds. When playing any COD multiplayer game through a VPN server, you want to know that you can rely on lag-free connections that won’t drop mid-game.
  • Number of Servers – A VPN with a wide selection of servers provides you with plenty of options to always pick the region you want to play COD in. Moreover, the number of servers can also play a significant role in the first aspect, as the more servers there are, the less likely it is that they’re crowded and slow.
  • Security Features – A high-standard VPN for Call of Duty should have a precise set of security and privacy protection features. Some of the most important ones include a kill switch, split tunneling, strong encryption, and even DDoS protection.
  • App Compatibility – For you to enjoy smooth and unrestricted access to any COD multiplayer game you want to play, the VPN you pick should offer app compatibility across all devices you plan on gaming. For example, if you’re primarily playing COD Mobile, you need a VPN service with a solid iOS or Android app.
  • Additional Features – Apart from ensuring smooth and secure gaming connections, an all-around VPN for COD should also come with additional useful features that aren’t directly tied with gaming. For instance, traits like P2P support, strong unblocking capabilities, and streaming-optimized servers can come in handy for many other online activities.

How to Start Using a VPN on Warzone and other COD Games

One of the issues beginner VPN users might face revolves around setting up their VPN service for playing COD games. Having this in mind, we’ve drafted the simplest VPN setup guide so that you can get started playing COD through a VPN in just a few quick steps.

Here’s how to start using a VPN for Warzone and any other COD game:

  1. Pick a trusted VPN (Our top recommendation is NordVPN).
  2. Download the appropriate device and register
  3. Open the VPN client and choose a server.
  4. Wait for the VPN client to confirm your connection. 
  5. Open the COD game you want to play and enjoy!

How to Play COD Games with a VPN on Consoles

With everything above in mind, having setup issues when trying to use a VPN for COD rings especially true if you’re playing these games on your Xbox or Playstation. This is because neither of these consoles allows you to directly install a native VPN app. 

With that said, there’s no reason to worry, as we have a quick fix for this. The best way to resolve this issue is to set up a VPN on your router once you’ve chosen the service you want to use.

Here’s how to play COD with a VPN on consoles:

  1. Connect to your router’s interface.
  2. Navigate to the VPN tab.
  3. Choose the Upload Settings or similarly named option.
  4. Authenticate your access and provide all of the required details.
  5. Restart the router.
  6. The IP address should have changed, and you can start playing COD!

Call of Duty VPN FAQs

Does a VPN work on Call of Duty?

Yes, a trusted and proven VPN service can work on any Call of Duty game without any issues. That said, keep in mind that some Call of Duty games allow VPN use, while others IP ban users for using VPN services. If you play a latter type of game, be prepared to switch between servers if this occurs to you.

Can I use a VPN with COD Mobile?

Yes, you can absolutely use a VPN to play COD Mobile. However, unlike many other Call of Duty games, COD Mobile actually actively bans gamers for using VPNs. So, make sure to pick a VPN with strong privacy features and settings like server obfuscation to avoid getting busted and losing access to the game.

Can I use a VPN with Call of Duty Warzone?

Yes, you can use a Warzone VPN to access the game from anywhere in the world and unblock any server region you want to play in. According to Warzone’s policy, you won’t get banned from it for playing this COD game through a VPN server.

Can I play Call of Duty using a free VPN?

Technically, you can play Call of Duty with a free VPN service, but we advise you to avoid doing so. There are many reasons why you should never play COD with a free VPN, with the biggest one being that your connections will be very slow, as free VPNs can’t afford fast servers and usually offer a small server network.

Additionally, free VPNs often have a total bandwidth limit, which you’ll likely spend after only a few multiplayer sessions. If all of this isn’t enough to persuade you to stay away from free VPNs, we should mention that many of them are very unsafe and might record your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

Will a VPN reduce my ping while playing Call of Duty games?

Yes, a VPN can help you reduce your ping and lag when playing Call of Duty games. The key is to find a suitable server nearby that will guarantee a free and streamlined flow of information between your PC and the game’s servers. 

That said, we should also mention that a VPN can cause a slight slowdown in your connection on some occasions. This is because of the nature of the service, as it routes and encrypts your connection through remote servers. Still, you shouldn’t notice any negative effects when using a gaming-optimized VPN.

Can I get banned for using a VPN while playing COD?

No, you won’t get banned for using a VPN for Call of Duty. While COD frowns upon players using VPN services, it won’t ban you unless you break any terms of service. So, as long as you’re using a VPN for COD only to access different servers, improve your ping and enhance your safety, you won’t have any issues.

What’s more, a Call of Duty VPN can even help you in case you’ve been banned from the game. By connecting to a different IP address and creating a new COD account, you can go around COD’s block and access the game without any restrictions.

What can I do if my VPN isn’t working with Call of Duty?

The first thing you can do if your VPN isn’t working with COD is to connect to a different server. If this doesn’t work, you can update the app or delete and reinstall it. In case any of this doesn’t work, you’ll need to pick a different VPN. But, if you stay with one of our picks, this issue is very unlikely to occur.


Hopefully, you’ve found the time to read this extensive guide on the best VPNs for Call of Duty games. With the tips and advice we’ve shared with you on this page, you’ll be able to unblock, improve, and enjoy any COD multiplayer game you like playing. You can relish switching between global servers, minimizing your ping, and locking up your sensitive data and real identity.

If you’re looking to jump into your favorite COD game and start playing multiplayer, any of the five VPNs we’ve discussed above guarantees a premium quality service. Our top pick as the best VPN for Call of Duty games is NordVPN. It offers you the complete package of fast servers, secure connections, uncompromising security, and affordable prices.

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